Making A “Spec”-tacular Statement With GUILD Eyewear

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_images_carousel images=”14641,14642,14643,14644,14645,14646,14647,14648,14649,14650″ img_size=”full”][vc_column_text]How nice would it be to walk into a room and make a stylishly bold statement, without having to even say a word?  Well, GUILD eyewear is in the business of making those stylishly bold statements with their unique handcrafted eyewear.

In an era of fast-fashion and mass production, it’s a rarity to find a company that still does things the old-fashioned way – by hand. Founded in the summer of 2013 by Rod Fitzsimmons Frey, GUILD honours the traditional methods and materials by which eyewear is made. After meeting someone who had made their own eyewear for fun, coupled with Frey’s frustrations while eyewear shopping – finding that standard (aka one-size-fits-all) sizing was too small for his head – inspired him to custom make his own glasses. After successfully creating his own pair, he began to think that there were likely other people facing the same fit frustrations with eyewear as he had, and so began GUILD: unique, ethically-made, one-of-a-kind, classic, and contemporary eyewear.

Using inventive design software and an entirely in-house, rapid prototyping process, GUILD works with clients and designers to bring their vision to life right from their Toronto studio. “Even though our design process is high-tech, our finishing and assembly is very much rooted in hand-craftsmanship. In choosing the name GUILD, we are placing ourselves in the tradition of craft and making that has been ongoing for centuries”, explains Savi Pannu, the Creative Director at GUILD.

Collaborating with a network of local designers and creatives, each piece of eyewear is overseen during the production process by GUILD’s In-house Designer and Production Director, Hillary Predko. Each frame is milled, tumbled, polished, and assembled by Predko herself. Frames are made of Mazzucchelli cellulose acetate, a high-quality organic based material made from cotton and wood fibres. With GUILD’s love and attention to detail, the process takes approximately two weeks for each piece to be completed – it’s a true labour of love… or rather, each piece is “Made with Love in Toronto” (as is their motto).

In addition to their designer-made YYZ Collection, GUILD also offers a personalized bespoke service – a truly special service that’s perfect for those of us that are fashion inclined and don’t want to risk attending a social function to find someone else wearing the same frame as us, or if you’ve been trying to replace a beloved frame that’s now discontinued.

As 2017 gets underway, GUILD’s Creative Director Savi Pannu shares that they are working on a few collaborations that they’re excited to announce this Spring. Additionally, they are continuing to grow GUILD to being more widely available across Ontario, and through their retail partnerships, are hoping to be in more stores across Canada.

With such a unique service and product offering, it’s no doubt that GUILD eyewear is ready-made to make a bold entrance into the years to come.

PARVEEN ANNA DHANOA uses her trained eye in styling to build close relationships with her clients to develop a perfect branded image and wardrobe.  WWW.PARVEENANNADHANOA.COM

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