Making Resolutions into Reality – with Phil Ortwein #fitnessfriday

Well, its January 20th,  their is a high probability this article is for you as research shows most people have already abandoned their fitness resolution. DON’T DO IT, DON’T GIVE UP just yet…  Here are some tips to keep that fitness goal trending in the right direction, and if you haven’t started, there is no better time than today! 1) Set a realistic goal – far too often we meet people with extreme goals. Attaining a small goal will only further reinforce you are doing the right thing. This will also give you some confidence to push further. 2) Choose a convenient location– an in home workout doesn’t get more any more convenient. A gym or studio close to home will only further limit your odds of not going 3) You have to earn it – attaining any fitness goal is work. Having a friend to workout with, or a coach will keep you on your toes and generally have you working harder vs. on your own. 4) CONSISTENCY – this is the biggest tip. It is essential you don’t quit.  Maintaining a consistent fitness routine each week is imperative to your success. Now go ahead and book that next workout right now, book it in your schedule, hold yourself accountable. Hopefully at least one of these tips resonates with you and will help you to not give up!
PHIL ORTWEIN is the owner of Philosophy Fitness – St. Clair West. Specializing in Personal Training and Group Classes.  

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