Matching Your Eyeshadow with your Lipstick 101 | By Patricia Lugo

When it comes to makeup and finding those perfect complimentary colours, many women simply raise their hands in the air with frustration. And even though they’re not experts, they still love to buy eyeshadows and lipsticks in all colors, simply guessing at what looks great! So we thought some basic guidance would help.

Before we learn how to match colors for your makeup, you need to know the following:

The occasion. Glitter is not for your everyday makeup. Wear a natural makeup for everyday and save the glitter and smokey style for special moments.

Skin tone. The color of your lipstick depends on your skin tone: Pink, red and orange are the best for white skin tone; for dark skin tone, colours like red, berry and fuchsia are the ideal.

Now, let’s match colors.

Pastels palettes


If you want pastel colors for your eyes, choose light colours in gloss for your lips like pink, nude or lilac.

This style is girly and youthful. It’s perfect for a day event.

Warm colors


Yellow, red and orange look perfect with all types of nude in matte or glossy lipsticks. However, you can match orange shadows with pink, peach or orange and yellow with pink or red lips.

Choose these combinations of makeup for night.

Cool colors

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 8.07.04 PM

Match cool colored eye shadows with pink, nude, purple and fuchsia lipsticks.

Purple eyeshadows look fantastic with pink or purple lipsticks, while blue and green are perfect with nude lips. Wear a fuchsia or pink on your lips with fuchsia eyeshadows.



Brown looks perfect with colors like nude, pink, fuchsia, orange, red and bordeaux in matte lipstick.

A brown smokey eye is perfect for night.

Gold Forever


Gold is ideal for night and it’s perfect if you want some glitter. It’ll look amazing with red, orange or bordeaux lips.

Grey, Black & White

Screen Shot 2015-07-19 at 8.24.32 PM

These three colors are the key for perfect smokey eyes. They are ideal for night, but a simple black cat eyes are perfect for day. Also, they combine perfectly with all colors on your lips.

Have fun trying these combinations and check back often for more beauty tips.

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