Maura Grierson and Eve Weinberg Shop for Finds at the Leslieville Flea

All hail the shopping gods! The Maura and Eve shopping excursion

at the Leslieville Flea is upon us…

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]hen we last saw Maura Grierson Virgin Radio Toronto’s Breakfast Show co-host, and Eve Weinberg of Hillcrest Design, plans were underway to meet up at Maura’s monthly shopping haunt the Leslieville Flea to buy items for Maura’s new home she shares with boyfriend Matt. Storyboards and budgets were created and purchases prioritized. Maura; “They say a house purchase is the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Well, they aren’t kidding! I’ve been so excited to make this place feel more like my own, but with a small budget it’s hard. That’s why it’s great to have Eve from Hillcrest Design. Eve focuses on maximizing the impact of the design, while minimizing the cost.”


A week later on a sunny fall day, Maura and Eve arrive at the Leslieville Flea, ready to hunt down some funky vintage finds that will bring a functional but thoughtfully curated feel to Maura’s home. A quick welcome to the Leslieville Flea from co-founders Brigid and Chris and they were on their way.

What a blast it was to watch Maura and Eve in action. Carrie from Sex and the City famously said “What’s the point of exercise when you can shop?” How true! Watching Maura and Eve was like watching troops poised for battle. You have to plan but be prepared for the unexpected.


The tour began with a survey from the edge of the market of all 40 vendors at the Leslieville Flea. Having marked out a route, the pair immediately spotted a bench at She’s Crafty. Maura tried it out; looks good…feels sturdy and comfortable…the price is right and…. done! Empty picture frames at Lotsastuff were then spied by Eve who had an idea to use the frames to decorate the walls in Maura’s dining room and “oooh look at this clock!!” Alas, the clock is not part of the budget or plan and will have to wait for another day.




Well hello!! Maura is spotted by a Virgin radio fan. This design challenge in Village Living magazine has been the first time fans have had an exclusive peek into Maura’s home.


Attention then turned to a rustic console table at Objektkul. I LOVE THIS!! exclaims Maura “but hmmm, its not part of the plan”. “What do you think?” After some deliberation Maura and Eve decide that the one of a kind object will look fantastic in front of her kitchen chalkboard wall and is therefore worth the splurge. Anything else here? Why yes, a steel funnel from a factory can be re-wired and made in to a very cool light for the entrance. High fives are shared and on they go.



Another frame is found at Rural Revival and it’s absolutely gorgeous. Maura approves and does her best renaissance face as a test run. A few vendors down they discover a floating storage piece courtesy of Bragg and Bee as well as some doors knobs at Rural Revival which will be used in the hallway to hang coats. As Maura says, “Sometimes you gotta dig”.



Nearing the end of their shopping excursion, the pair stop for a well deserved treat; scones and jam at Kitten and the Bear.


Maura, Eve, tell us about your shopping experience overall. Did you find everything you were looking for?  “Absolutely! Our shopping trip was almost too successful. I had to control myself! I kept finding pieces I loved but Eve kept me focused on what I really need…….and I can’t believe how inexpensive things were. I came in about $60 under budget which was a very nice surprise.”

Your favourite item? “ this new picture. quirky and fun! … and the piece de la resistance? This lamp shade which we will wired up for the dining room.”


Shopping mission accomplished. Congratulations ladies on a highly successful day at the Leslieville Flea. Can’t wait to see the reveal!

Readers, stay tuned here at Village Living magazine and by following @Maura Grierson on Twitter  and Eve Weinberg of Hillcrest Design

NEXT FLEA: January 19th [10am-5pm] in the Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District

28 Distillery Lane….plenty of parking available and admission to The Leslieville Flea is always FREE!

Visit: watchnow

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