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We hear the phrase shop local so often and for good reason. Our “villages” are filled with a diverse range of businesses all dedicated to serving their communities in their own unique way. Josh Sherman set out for Village Living, Midtown to highlight some of our new Brick and Mortar Retailers and Professionals. Supporting local businesses is key in building and maintaining economically vibrant communities.

We really hope you enjoy meeting these amazing and dedicated business owners and choose to visit them in person as you #shoplocal

Smartiepants #uppervillage

Jenna Halberstadt says she’s taking the “home out of homework.” Together with her mother Reesa, Jenna launched Smartie Pants in September of this year. The business, which the two teachers started in order to offer activity-based programs for kids aged eight months to four years old, is now branching out to provide an after-school program called After Hours. “After hours… is, I believe, the first homework club in Toronto,” Jenna says. “It’s going to be a less expensive alternative to tutoring,” she adds, estimating there will be a five-to-one student-to-teacher ratio. Parents can pay for various packages using the MINDBODY app, including an everyday option for $200. “It’s going to be a place where different ages, different people can collaborate and work together on different tasks,” Jenna says of the nascent program. “My dream is to have a grade eight student be done their homework and be helping a grade-four student on fractions.”

Visit Smartie Pants located at 1136 EGLINTON AVE W.  Toronto, ON | Tel: (416)-546-7733


Vital Physiotherapy #hillcrestvillage

“We’re the gynaecologists of physiotherapists,” explains Chana Ross, owner of Vital Physiotherapy. This new addition to Midtown, opened its doors on St. Clair Avenue West in November after kick-starting as a home-based business in October 2014. Her physiotherapy clinic specializes in pre and post natal health, as well as pelvic health in general. “I want women to have a place where they can come and really feel whole again,” she says. However, she makes it clear Vital also offers pelvic physio for men — which can help with maladies as varied as erectile dysfunction and chronic lower-back pain. “We provide a service that a lot of people don’t want to talk about,” Ross acknowledges. But the services extend well beyond physio at Vital. For instance, there’s an on-site psychotherapist to address mental-health issues. “One of my favourite, favourite things to do is actually train women to prepare them for delivery so that their need for pelvic physio … is significantly reduced.”

Visit Vital Physiotherapy located at 734 ST. CLAIR AVE. W.  Toronto, ON | Tel: (647)-294-0652

ACUFX Health and Wellness Clinic

The roots of Jennifer Redding’s business are around 5,000 years old. “What I do is obviously traditional Chinese medicine, and acupuncture is one of our tools,” states Redding, who opened her acupuncture clinic here on Dupont in May after a two-year stint around Bloor Street West and Spadina Avenue. “It’s the whole body that we look at; it’s one complete unit,” she explains of her treatments. While acupuncture treatments are prominent at AcuFx, hence the name, the clinic provides much more. “There’s a lot that Chinese medicine has to offer,” says Redding, a registered acupuncturist who trained in China for two years, learning the ancient practice. “We’ve got an RMT (registered massage therapist) here. We do Pilates. We do yoga. I can’t just do [sic] 10 needles in you and say you’re going to be perfect,” she says. “Basically, what we’ve done is we’ve created a space of pure relaxation.”

Visit ACUFX Health and Wellness Clinic located at 18 DUPONT ST.  Toronto, ON | Tel: (647)-537-1151

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