Meet the Owners of Leaside’s Newest Fashion Addition | Alpha 2 Omega

Recently we had the opportunity to meet with Bess Vergados and Demitrios Pyrgos Owners of the newest addition to Leaside’s South Bayview Strip, Alpha 2 Omega. It is hard to describe in words, but as you walk through their store, you can see that and every designer and line of products for both Men and Women have been carefully selected and with impeccable taste.

We wanted to learn more about this dynamic duo and had to learn more about their decision to open a retail store and how they decided to stock it!

Their quest was to identify beautiful pieces that were made well and offered the North American consumer something unique.  Each of their companies has a story and a journey of their own.  They have ethical business practices and a vision for quality and style. It is true that their business model is different and poses some unique challenges, but they do what they do because they believe it is worth the effort.

As a new boutique that is building its reputation using new to North America fashions, shoes and accessories, they are off to a great start!  Their brands,  all from Europe at this time and a large number of their designers are from Greece with great history and great stories behind them.  “The Greeks have unique designs, handmade artisan styles, beautiful and natural materials, respect for the environment and something special to offer” says Bess Vergados.  In addition, they carry other specialty products from other European countries: Espadrilles from Spain, Men’s Casual shoes from Portugal, Women’s handbags, Men’s clothing from Italy and more.

As you get to know them and their designers better and by name, you will find expressing you own unique style through their designers simple.

Keep in mind, that Bess and Demitrios are always available to help you put together something that looks and feels great and is uniquely you!

Take the time and head into Alpha 2 Omega at 1669 Bayview Avenue and you will be delighted by the amazing service and excellent selection of Styles from Casual to Formal.

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