Meet Me in Zzzz… Your Family’s New Favourite Book #hookedonbooks

It’s no secret that I love children’s books. I have the double pleasure to review books for VLM and read with my son routinely at bedtime.  As a result, I am always on the hunt for special finds for young readers and the adults who love them. I am a huge fan of personalized children’s books, and recently, I was introduced to a very special board book that takes this concept to an entirely new level. img_6428-magnetree-joanne-sallay-hooked-on-booksMeet Me in Zzzz… can be described with one word: magnetic. This picture book will not only draw your entire family in to read together, but it’s actually magnetic.  The purchaser follows an online link and creates customized magnets that include one photo of the little reader and an additional eight pictures of choice. These nine magnets will create a cast of characters for this story time adventure, all central figures in the life of the little reader. This can include family and friends, from near or far, and even pets. While this tale is officially targeted towards girls and boys between the ages of 2-7, when the kids get older, I guarantee you will have trouble parting with this keepsake. october2016-west-village-to-central-_hooked-on-books-parenting-_izWho came up with this creative idea? Meet Me in Zzzz… is the brainchild of two siblings, Ronny and Josie Elfassy, who had a desire for their family to remain connected despite the distance that separated them. I personally can identify with this wish, growing up as an only child with only a few relatives close by.  Josie living in Richmond Hill, and Ronny residing in Parkdale, wanted their nephew on the other side of the world to know them. They created a prototype and shipped it off to their guinea pig across the globe and realized they had a winner when their brother reported back with success. His son was reciting the names of his relatives from afar and requesting his new favourite book every night. Ronny and Josie found a way to bridge the distance in a creative and charming way, encouraging family bonding at the same time. I am not alone in loving this concept. Ronny and Josie’s vision initially came to life with the help of 162 backers who supported their Kickstarter campaign. Reading this book with my toddler at night, I must confess that I am having just as much fun as he is—if not more. It is like a social experiment, I watch him study the pictures and examine the magnets he picks for each page. He truly makes the story his own and does not tire of it because the book changes with every read. Are you looking for a unique gift for a youngster in your life to celebrate a special occasion—or possibly for no reason at all? Check out Meet Me in Zzzz… by MagneTree Books to create a family treasure that can transcend distance between your loved ones, even when they’re far away.
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