New Kürts on the Block: Eva’s Original Chimneys By Grayce Yuen

As a resident of Bloor Street, I can attest that our street has been taken over by a mouth-watering phenomenon: gigantic, donut-like cones filled with ice cream and chocolate. These decadent sweets can be found in the hands of everyone walking through the Annex. Needless to say, I followed this trail of goodness… all the way to Eva’s Original Chimneys.


Kürtőskalács, or “chimneys”, are a traditional Hungarian dessert made of dough shaped into a cone and baked over an open rotisserie grill. They are then rolled in cinnamon sugar and served as a delicious treat. Upon entering Eva’s, you can find a batch of these freshly baking on the open rotisserie grill at the front of the store. Kristen and Justin Butler, owners of Eva’s Original Chimneys, took Grandma Eva’s favourite traditional treat one step further by serving them with a side of soft serve and toppings! You can now get Kürtőskalács in 16 different flavours ranging from Mango Sticky Rice to Tiramisu. There are also traditional chimney cakes that are served in a savoury flavour that can be spread with whipped cream cheese.
The dough is made with seven, all-natural and mostly organic ingredients and the chimneys themselves are vegan.
After trying one of these, your perspective of Eastern European desserts will never be the same again!

Visit them at 454 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1X8

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