A New Year, New You, 5 Top Resolutions to ring in 2017 #wellbeingwednesday

I love the New Year. All the optimism we have for what the year will bring. For today’s Wellbeing Wednesday tip, naturally we will talk about good health. This is usually on the top of people’s “resolution” list for the New Year.

Get drinking! Ditch the pop, fruit juice and alcohol and go for water. Water helps to cleanse your cells, lubricate your bowels, and moisturize your skin. Add some fresh lemon to your water first thing in the morning. Your liver will thank you.

Eat your Greens.  Aim for a minimum of 1 cup of green veggies daily. Think kale, chard, collards, arugula, spinach, bok choy, mustard greens, watercress. The Brassica family is another great group of vegetables to focus on. They detoxify the liver, eliminate unwanted hormones and have anti-cancer properties. Vegetables are rich in phytochemicals, antioxidants, and nutrient dense.  Greens do the body good!

Boost up your fiber. Your colon will thank you. Add some ground flax seeds to your yogurt, cereal or salad. Switch to whole grain products. Add a few servings of fruit to your daily routine. Fiber rich foods not only bulk up your stools but soothe the lining of the intestines. This makes a happy tummy.

Get Moving! Go for a brisk walk, attend a yoga class or hit the gym. Participate in whatever activity you can. Physical activity is one of the clearest things you can do to benefit your health for the entire year.

Try something new. Experiment with a new food such as; turmeric , fermented foods or quinoa. Learn to sew. Pick up an instrument. Play a new sport. Learn a language. This can be anything. Make it yours!

Wishing you all a 2017 filled with light, laughter and good health.

Rachel_Schwartzman_HSRACHEL SCHWARTZMAN is a naturopathic doctor in the St. Clair West neighbourhood. She is the co-owner of West End Naturopathic Doulas, a naturopathic collective that supports pregnant women and partners with the birth of their babies. Westenddoulas.com


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