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If you are a true pure chocolate lover then you will really appreciate this post. There’s chocolate and then there is CHOCOLATE.  That is why this Friday, for my first Get Fresh Friday blog post, I am writing about Chocosol Traders. To borrow from Chocosol’s website, they are all about “pedal powered, stone ground, socially just, whole food chocolate, baby”!!! I encourage you to explore their website (, as not only are they a local West Village chocolate maker, they are a social enterprise as well. You can learn more about their human and environmental initiatives: from their support of indigenous communities in Southern Mexico where the cacao is organically forest grown, to how they keep an extremely eco-friendly production system in their Toronto studio. You will see that not only is the taste of their chocolate impressive, so is everything about their business.

The first time I tasted Chocosol’s products; I swear I could taste their passion and commitment to their chocolate. The purity and whole food quality of their chocolate is stellar. With minimal ingredients they transform the bitter cacao pod into chocolate perfection. Remember, not all chocolate is created equal. While the health benefits of chocolate have been touted more and more, it is important not to get too caught up in the hype without doing proper research and seeking out (and eating) good quality chocolate.  This is when you will reap the most nutritional benefits from chocolate, and can feel good about what you’re treating yourself with. All of Chocosol’s chocolate is dairy free, gluten free, soy free, nut free, and vegan. You can choose from an array of flavours that have a short ingredient list but a depth of flavour that is hard to come by. My favourite is their hemp gold bar. Perfection!

Chocosol is also known for their specialty drinking chocolate (known as Xocolatl, an ancient Aztec word and ancient practice). This chocolate drink can be sipped hot or cold, and sounds absolutely right up my chocolate addict alley! It is on my must try list the next time I visit the Chocosol booth at the Wychwood Barns Saturday farmer’s market.  Be sure to support this local enterprise by visiting their farmer’s market booths throughout the city and their Eco Food Hub located at 1131 St. Clair West. If you are curious about the chocolate making process from cacao pod to chocolate bar, you can check out their ongoing chocolate workshops calendar. Chocosol also sells their chocolate products at many health food stores across Toronto. You can find all this information and more on their website

I look forward to hearing your feedback on ChocoSol Traders, my Friday Get Fresh posts and any other food and nutrition information you want to learn more about. Questions and comments are welcomed.

Until next Friday, stay fresh!
Jaime Slavin

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