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With the ever growing number of families moving into communities like Hillcrest Village, Cedarvale, Wychwood Heights and Oakwood Village, the need for choices in education continues to rise and more and more choices are popping up in our neighbourhoods. One in particular is the Oakwood Montessori School located on Oakwood in the former Canada Post building south of Eglinton Avenue. 473 Oakwood now completely renovated and re-designed is quickly becoming the areas “Child-centric” location which now houses the growing Oakwood Montessori School, Naka Ima Martial Arts and soon to open 2nd location of the Ontario School of Ballet.

Read further to learn of local residents’ Alex and Nirmala and their journey to open the doors of the Oakwood Village Montessori school.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]heir personal journeys began worlds apart. Each of them came to alternative education from different places, experiences and perspectives. What they shared, and still do is the desire to create something that embodied their value systems. A place where children are respected, given a voice and where learning means growing as wholesome individuals. What they shared and still do, is the drive and the passion necessary to launch an endeavour of such nature.


For Alex, her passion began many years ago in early childhood education, Montessori training and a post-graduate degree in special needs. She has worked with kids, has always seen them for who they truly are, and respected them as individuals. Once she had her own children, she began looking at alternative programs for them, and that’s where she met Nirmala.


For Nirmala, her journey began while living in the Middle East. As for many parents, Nirmala’s foray into alternative education began with the search for a school for her own son. As a holistic nutritionist and chef, the journey to find such a school planted the seed for a project to start an alternative school of her own. Her explorations brought her on a trip to this part of the world, and she decided to ground herself here.


“Having the experience of going through an alternative system, we became aware that in order to have the kind of holistic school that we truly wanted, not only for our own children, also for many others, we were going to have to finally actualize our dreams of starting our own school.” And Oakwood Village Montessori was born.


For more information, or to schedule a tour of our school, please visit us at ovmontessori.com or call 416 8804666 / 647 4064108



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