FEATURE – Meet 4 Great Local Midtown Businesses #brickandmortar #shoplocal

We hear the phrase shop local so often and for good reason. Our “villages” are filled with a diverse range of businesses all dedicated to serving their communities in their own unique way. Josh Sherman set out for Village Living, Midtown to highlight some of our new Brick and Mortar Retailers and Professionals. Supporting local businesses is key in building and maintaining economically vibrant communities.

We really hope you enjoy meeting these amazing and dedicated business owners and choose to visit them in person as you #shoplocal.

Pass It On Consignment #oakwoodvillage


How can you dress your child stylishly on a budget? Hit the thrift stores. Haven’t got the time? Well, Pass It On Consignment was born, at least in part, of this dilemma. While co-owner Christella Morris liked sifting through racks of vintage clothes for her boys, she realized not every parent on a budget does, or has the time to. So, with this in mind, she and Sarah Resnick opened their all-ages consignment shop in April. “If you don’t even know what you want, we’re a good place to come, because we love talking with our customers about their style and just getting a feel for what they like,” says Morris. Consigners, who supply the genderless stock—sections are simply labeled for adults or kids—receive 50 per cent of the sale price, which they set, minus a $0.25 listing fee. “You don’t have to spend a ton of money to find great, fashionable items,” says Morris.

Visit Pass It On Consignment located at 356 Oakwood Ave. (Oakwood Ave. & Rogers Rd.) Toronto, ON | Tel: (647) 496-7977

Ambiance Chocolat #mountpleasantvillage


“Everything has to have chocolate on it or around it, because we are all about chocolate—and good chocolate,” says Beatrix Brutouska, co-owner of Ambiance Chocolat. That’s the rule of thumb that dictates what the business she launched back in 2007 with long-time friend Patrick Smets will sell, whether it’s the ice cream the they make, baked goods, or bonbons. But there’s plenty of variety on display at their Mount Pleasant shop—which they moved to from Riverdale this past November—as well. From chocolate filling infused with pineapple and coconut purée to a punch-packing jalapeno-caramel chocolate, the chocolatier duo constantly tweaks recipes. “What is so special about our chocolates? I like to call them finely tuned. We use many different types of chocolate with different cocoa content, and they each have a slightly different taste profile according to their origin,” explains Brutouska.

Visit Ambiance Chocolat at 683 Mt. Pleasant Rd. – (416)406-2462 – www.ambiancechocolat.ca

Lolliloot #wychwoodpark


The offshoot of a children’s art studio in Oakville, Lolliloot seeks to solve one of the frustrations facing modern parents: the loot bag. “The loot bag has always been quote-unquote a necessity. It’s almost a thing that parents really hate doing,” says Grace Li, who together with her sister Ruth Cha launched the brick-and-mortar incarnation of their loot-bag business this past April. Lolliloot, which keeps prices down by buying in bulk, has a balloon bar and candy bar, but the most popular offering is the $5 loot bag. It lets party-throwers pick an item, including Melissa and Doug DIY wooden kits (a departure from disposable dollar store goods, notes Li) to fill a bag. “What we do is we package it up in their choice of coloured tissue and it gets topped with a lollipop. That’s why [it’s] called Lolliloot!” she laughs.

Visit Lolliloot at 1378 Bathurst St, Toronto, ON M5R 3J1 (416) 652-2552 Lolliloot.com

Luna Dentistry #mountpleasantvillage


Luna Dentistry only opened on Mount Pleasant Road a few short months ago, but the business can be traced back to 14 years ago, when Dr. Taher Eghbaldar opened the first location in Richmond Hill, calling it Richmond Heights Dental Office. With two offices now, the expanding practice has been rebranded, and Taher’s son Kaveh, also a dentist, has joined the team. “I realized dentistry is a good fit for me,” says the younger Eghbalder. “This also made my father very happy,” he adds. Kaveh, who is currently enroled in a dental implant surgery residency at the University of Toronto, says Luna Dentistry specializes in both cosmetic and family dentistry. “I find dentistry fascinating because on the one end of the spectrum we treat diseases and tend to emergencies, and on the other end we can help people with smile makeovers which can help people’s self-confidence and self-appreciation,” he explains.

Call or Visit Luna Dentistry at 539 Mt. Pleasant Rd. – (416)417-4041 – www.lunadentistry.com

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