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Rachel Schwartzman ND / Doula

My eldest turned 11 a few days ago. In some ways it feels like it was just yesterday. While my pregnancy was drama free, and my labour relatively smooth, it was caring for a newborn that was the most challenging for us. I thought I had everything in order; prenatal classes, midwife and doula. Little did I know how difficult the first few days would be! Breastfeeding was challenging and my newborn baby lost quite a bit of birth weight and was admitted to the hospital with severe jaundice. For today’s wellbeing Wednesday tip I am sharing you some of my clinical and mama pearls for healthy newborn care.

Rest: I know this goes without saying, but it’s amazing how quickly some women get back to the daily grind. You just had a baby! The only thing you should be doing is hanging out in bed, feeding your baby with your meals and drinks brought to you. Enjoy this time. I promise, you will wish for them in the upcoming months.

Hire a Doula: In my experience from both being a birth doula and being on the receiving end, 3 times, it is the best investment you can make. Research shows having a doula lowers C-section rates and increases the mother’s overall birth experience. Having someone come to your house during the post-partum days to help with newborn care and breastfeeding is invaluable. Hospitals have lactation clinics and private consultants can come to your house. I assure you it is money well spent.

Say yes sign

Practice saying yes! When a neighbour asks if they can bring you something, say yes. When your friend says they are delivering you dinner, say yes.

You can return the generosity in the future. It is those simple things that can make your day sparkle.

Support your nervous system. Let’s be honest, having a baby is stressful! Sleep is broken, your body is healing and you are adjusting to your new role as a parent. There are so many stress busting tips I can share. Hand with marker writing the word NutritionSome of my favorites are; chamomile tea, a bowl of oatmeal in the morning, a B complex taken daily, and some magnesium powder in the evening. You can never go wrong with good nutrition.

Get outside: Once you start feeling up for it, start get outside. Walk around the block or sit on your front porch. Keep it simple. Research shows being outdoors boosts serotonin and benefits mood. Something all new parents can use a little more of.

I’ve always loved this quote. “The days are long, but the years are short”. Gretchen Rubin

RACHEL SCHWARTZMAN is a naturopathic doctor in the St. Clair West neighbourhood. She is the co-owner of West End Naturopathic Doulas, a naturopathic collective that supports pregnant women and partners with the birth of their babies.

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