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Last Friday in Stretching At Your Desk (link) I shared how to get yourself moving at work with a 5 Minute Office Stretch Routine. These stretches are the first step towards improving your posture, and step 2 is completing the following 10 minute daily posture program!

Poor Posture:

Forward Head Posture (FHP) is when the position of the head is in front of the mid-line of the body. (Fun fact, when you look up FHP on Wikipedia there’s an old pic of Justin Bieber with some serious “text neck).” Every inch of FHP can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds. That means the average teenager, desk worker or older adult may have a head that weighs 42 pounds – talk about a “pain in the neck!” Kyphosis is the excessive rounding of the thoracic spine (mid-back) – think “Hunch Back of Notre Dame.”

These spinal conditions and many more are often a result of poor sitting habits, and can be corrected with a combination of stretching the tight muscles related to poor posture (examples: pectorals, neck, ), and strengthening the weak muscles (examples: rhomboids, glutes, mid and low trapezius).

Perfect Posture:

•      Keeping your body in alignment

•      Ability to draw a straight line from ear down through your shoulder, hip and knee

•      Each part of your body is balanced and supported

DexFit 6 Week Perfect Posture Routine – Week 1:

Complete week 1 of this 6-week program (10 minutes daily) to start seeing changes in your posture and wellbeing immediately!  Complete the rest with yours truly in-studio, in-home or online for a staggering difference in your posture – you may even add an inch to your height! Numerous clients of mine have had great success with this program – gaining the ability to reach their hands over their head pain-free, touch their toes for the first time, improve their sport, reduce headaches, even able to do up their bra more easily!

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