Pose of the Month | Feldenkrais |Head through the gate

Head Through The Gate


In this pose the back of the head slides through the window created by the arm while at the same time lengthening the hip. Repeat the pose on the other side to balance the body.

Are your shoulders, neck and back tense and aching? This pose relieves tension and stress in the body. It creates more expansiveness in the chest, releases tension in the neck and increases hip flexor flexibility.

Feldenkrais can change your normal habits and break patterns that your body has used for many years.

This pose can be done both pre-workout and post-workout.





Shelley Harris is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner with 20 years of experience in the movement field. Shelley teaches group Feldenkrais classes at BALANCE, a Toronto boutique fitness centre. balancefit.com

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