Preparing Students for University – Metropolitan Preparatory Academy Provides Well-Rounded Learning Experience 

Learning, the Metro Prep Academy Way

On a recent visit to Metropolitan Preparatory Academy (Metro Prep), an independent university prep school for students in grades seven to 12, it quickly became clear that students and teachers alike are  making the most of their time there. Grade 12 student Lauren Quinn told Village Living that her success at Metro Prep has a lot to do with the people she has met and “the experiences we’ve shared. It all comes down to how people are treated at Metro.”   
(L-R) Student Lauren Quinn with Metro Prep Humanities’ teacher Joanna Johnson

  The relationships between staff and students, and among students themselves, are very positive. “I just feel so empowered here,” said Quinn, and because she is close with her teachers and classmates, she added, “That kind of care is reciprocal.” “Having that supportive environment as a teenager, you don’t feel silenced.” Metro Prep is “a place where you can share your voice. It’s not about having everyone love what you have to say, but having them listen.”  
Listening to students’ opinions fosters a spirit of togetherness at Metro Prep

  Humanities teacher Joanna Johnson agreed that the school is a “fantastic environment” where teachers are always learning from students, “and actually listening to what they have to say,” and where diversity with respect to racial, cultural, religious and economic backgrounds is welcomed and encouraged.   

It all comes down to how people are treated at Metro. I just feel so empowered here. That kind of care is reciprocal.

  This fall, something new and exciting has begun at Metro Prep – the launch of the much-anticipated SMITH program. SMITH (School of Music, Integrated Arts, Theatre & Humanities) was created by Vice Principal and teacher Ryan Seeley, and is being met with great enthusiasm by students.   
The Smith School curriculum helps to maintain the arts

  Quinn, who has attended the academy since grade eight, is especially excited to be part of SMITH because it has given her the opportunity “to excel and be passionate” in both arts and sciences. “I didn’t want to have to choose.”   

Metro Prep is  ‘a place where you can share your voice. It’s not about having everyone love what you have to say, but having them listen.’

  She said that while the school gives her freedom to take courses in the arts, she is also fortunate to “be taught by amazing teachers” in math and science, and to “still have that academic challenge.”  
Quinn and Johnson in the SMITH room
  Johnson explained that Metro Prep implemented SMITH because it wanted “to have more artistic courses available” without limiting students to choosing either one or the other between sciences and the arts. Johnson went on to say, “We wanted to create…a real, legitimate program that gives them access to arts programs” which have been cut from other schools’ curriculums.         
Aiding in artistic growth, the SMITH School’s specialty arts programs

  SMITH students are required to audition in the area they are most interested in, and can look forward to participating in extracurricular activities, including ME to WE trips throughout the year, to places like Ecuador and Tanzania, to help build schools, as well as in events such as TIFF and Nuit Blanche. Quinn was adamant that “the Metro Prep experience stays with you well beyond your school years.” Metro and the SMITH program are “changing the way I look at education.” It’s not too late to enroll for next semester. For more information go to:    SaveSave SaveSave

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