Put Your Best Face Forward This Winter – Four Ways to Help Your Skin Weather Winter

Game of Thrones fans know . . . “Winter is Coming!”

In winter, we fight two battles: outdoor and indoor air. It’s difficult to say which is worse; the outdoor environment is freezing and dry and the inside environment is dry from our home heating systems. The result: Dehydration! Your skin may look dull and feel rougher than usual. It might also start to flake and feel itchy. With holiday get-togethers, parties and vacations creeping up on us, here are four skincare tips to help you put your best face forward:

  1. Exfoliate your skin (face and body) using a gentle scrub once a week, or as needed. Exfoliating removes the dry, dead skin and helps your moisturizer penetrate so it can do its job. If you want these results without the mess, enjoy the experience at a spa.
  2. If you have fragile, damaged or chapped skin, eczema or psoriasis, scrubs are not for you! Instead, try to heal your body from within. Look at your diet. Reducing milk products, sugars and starches can help deal with the root issues so look into alternatives. Reduce stress and take time to enjoy an acupuncture treatment or a massage. Find a practitioner who can help you with a “broad spectrum treatment” that is effective in a wide variety of ways. I also love a colloidal oatmeal bath. OH YA! This is not the same oatmeal you eat for breakfast; it’s pharmaceutical-grade oatmeal that has undergone a process to make it completely water-soluble so that the healing components are ready on-contact.
  3. Switch to a winter-appropriate regime. As the seasons change, so does your skin (your largest organ). Protect your body with a scarf, wear natural fibres, and change up your moisturizer. Choose a winter moisturizer with a higher oil content and lower water content. Cold air freezes the moisture on your skin, so imagine what happens to your skin if you apply a mostly water-based formula onto it before going outside. In winter, our skin is both dehydrated (lack of water) and lipid deficient (oil robbed). Lastly, don’t forget your sunscreen, ideally a mineral-based formula (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide). In the winter, UVBs (the tanning rays) are almost non-existent, but the UVAs are still present. Snow almost doubles our UVA exposure by reflecting 80% of those rays right back at us.
  4. DRINK WATER!! Herbal Tea, warm water, room temperature water . . . It just needs to be water, non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic water. GET IT? Of course you do!!

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