Rahul’s List of To-Dos and Not To-Dos of Denture Care

Clean & Care for a Proper Smile


Brush dentures to keep them clean
  • Remove and Rinse dentures and mouth after every meal
  • Remove Dentures when sleeping and soak them in denture cleanser at night
  • Put a Towel in or around the sink to prevent breakage due to accidental drops
  • Brush the Dentures only with a soft denture brush and cold water
  • Schedule Regular Denture Check-up with a denturist
  • See a Denturist if your dentures are loose
  • If Using Denture Adhesive, clean your gums and tissues with a cotton gauze, and clean the inside of the dentures with a soft brush
  • Get your Dentures Professionally Cleaned once every year to keep your oral cavity healthy
A regular, professional cleaning is a necessity to good oral hygiene


A list of Not To-Dos helps with daily maintenance
  • Do not use Hard Bristle Brush or Toothpaste on dentures as they are abrasive
  • Do not use Hot or Boiling Water on dentures
  • Do not Sleep with Dentures in your mouth at night
  • Do not Bend the Plastic or Metal Clasp when cleaning the dentures
  • Do not use Denture Cleanser in your mouth




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Rahul Bapna is the owner of Eglinton Bayview Implant Denture Clinic, and has over 10 years of experience in the dental field. He pursued his passion and completed his Bachelors of Dental Surgery degree from India before moving to Canada. His keen interest in Prosthodontics made him pursue a career in Denturism from Oxford College where he graduated with honours and also received the prestigious A.J.McGuire Award for highest academic standing.

Rahul is an active member and associated with various different Canadian Denturists Organizations.

Rahul is very compassionate and has a keen eye for details, which ensures that you will leave the clinic with your most beautiful smile!

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