Ready, Willing & Able, Part 1

Is buying a home a dream or reality?

Definition of ready, adjective readierreadiest 1a: prepared mentally or physically for some experience or action b: prepared for immediate use 2a: willingly disposed: inclined b: likely to do something indicated 3: immediately available How does this apply to a real estate transaction, or the desire to participate in one? Let’s talk about the action of being ready. What does ready feel like, and what do you do to prepare?
Being ready to buy a home involved balance
    Step one Figure out your finances to define the parameters of your search. Find a professional number cruncher. Layout your entire situation, no holds back. Put your purchase into the context of a greater life plan (travelling/cottage purchase/private schools/early retirement) that you imagine yourself leading; map out your life plan, then follow the trail back to the beginning, and start your life-build, knowing the milestone expenses that are headed your way. 
Finding a realtor you can trust is key to homebuying
            Step two Find a professional realtor who listens carefully to your desires, and anticipate your wildest housing dreams. Speak frankly about your budget/needs/wants, and find out what your dollars can buy in different search areas.     
To make a dream into reality, there has to be a plan. Know your market and work within it towards your life’s goals.
Step three Understand the market that you are buying in. Everyone has experiences to share; now’s the time to create your own. Look at houses online, but also, in-person! Most listings are enticing, but you need to see what’s going on beyond the frames, as well as a feel  of the space, the location, and the services in the area. There are many boxes to tick, outside of bedrooms/bathrooms and parking. 
The right house and neighbourhood aren’t easy to find
  Step four Experience the neighbourhoods that you’re considering. Take the time to walk the streets, explore transit routes/restaurants/schools/parks/weekend markets, and see if they fit with the lifestyle you desire with this move.       Some of the commonly asked questions: How do I know if I am ready? Have I seen enough homes? Is this happening too fast? What if I fall in love with the first house I see? You’ll  know when the time is right to make that big financial move. It will feel good, but also terrifying; it’s a major investment in a home, a future, a mortgage, a commitment, a more responsible life. You’ll be torn in two directions at the same time, but you’ll move forward. Because you’re ready! You’re responsible! You’re educated! You’ve surrounded yourself with experts, along the way, who  have made sure that you’re making informed decisions.  Now, you’re wondering, ‘Where is the rest of the article?’ You’re thinking, ‘I am ready! How do I become willing and able?’ That’s next month’s story, just 30 days away.

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