Reel 2 Real said it best with this 1994 dance hit … Just Move It! #fitnessfriday with Phil Ortwein

Simply moving your body and increasing your heart rate will benefit your overall fitness level. Far too often we meet clients who felt that working out was simply too challenging of a task to get started. Where do you start when you think the whole concept of increasing your fitness is out of reach? My immediate suggestion is JUST MOVE! For anyone looking for motivation there are plenty of ways to get the ball rolling.  Choosing the stairs at your office, or bundling up for a walk after dinner – 20 minutes is a good starting point, start with a slow pace and work your way up. Set an attainable fitness challenge for yourself, for example walk the Casa Loma Stairs once a week. Challenging your partner or friend helps to keep you each accountable.  The goal should be to MOVE! For those looking to increase the challenge, below is a sample workout that requires a small amount of space, no equipment, just you moving your body.
– Knee Touches or a High Knee run (30 seconds). This will get your heart rate up.
Wall Sit
– Plank: challenge your core muscles for as long as you feel they can handle it, then count 5 more seconds. You should not feel this in your low back, drop down to your knees if you do. – Wall Sit: use any open wall and lean against the wall lowering your body to as close to a 90 degree at your knees as possible, hold it for as long as your legs can handle it, then count an extra 5 seconds. – Pushups: YES Pushups, you can do it. This classic exercise will challenge your upper body and core muscles.  If its been a while, start in a modified position on your knees. – Jumping Jacks: Lets challenge you to 1-2 minutes straight. Turn up your music and do it – keep moving!
(For a full video of this program in action visit the Philosophy Fitness Facebook Page  or our Instagram page, @philosophyscw) You should aim to do this simple program 2-3 times per week. Once it becomes slightly easier you should challenge yourself to increase how long you spend on each movement. Keep it simple, and make it happen!
PHIL ORTWEIN is the owner of Philosophy Fitness – St. Clair West. Specializing in Personal Training and Group Classes.  

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