Restaurant Feature: Hendriks

Location: 218 Yonge Street; Yonge-Dundas (On Yonge across from the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres)

Restaurant Type: Steak and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine

Ambience: Classy, Modern

Occasions: Date Night, Dinner with Friends, Happy Hour

Why are we featuring them?

Steps from the Toronto Eaton Centre, Hendriks is a Mediterranean-inspired steakhouse with modern influences conceptualized and designed by experienced restaurateurs George and Spiros Bozikis. From classic American dishes to Mediterranean share plates, every dish is made with fresh ingredients.

We tried Hendriks for date night last week and loved the trendy modern ambiance. Each booth was wide and spacious which made the experience very comfortable. It was clean and upscale without being too pretentious and intimidating.

We started with the Charred Moroccan Octopus and a Shaved Brussel Sprout Salad.  The salad was soooooo good! There was candied walnuts, feta cheese, golden and red beets – the perfect combination of crunch, sweetness and bitterness! With salmon or chicken, the salad could have been a meal in itself.

Next, we ordered the special – the Tomahawk steak. Weighing in at 55oz, the Tomahawk bone-in rib steak was a feat of its own. The bone itself took up over half the table while the steak itself resembled a meal out of The Flintstones. True to my Albertan roots, I ordered my steak rare (Chicago rare, actually). The issue with such a large steak is that it’s very difficult to get an even cook on it because of its thickness and also because it has such a giant bone attached to it. Generally the outside ends up too cooked while the middle is still cold and raw. That is why we were pleasantly surprised when the middle was a cool perfectly bright pink with a nice Chicago char throughout the whole steak. A very precisely cooked rare steak! As sides (yes, there were sides accompanying this mammoth steak), we opted for corn, fries and steam vegetables.

Overall, I had a great experience with a very attentive server who always ensured our glasses were full but did not get too chatty. The modern décor, spacious seating was perfect for cozying up on date night!

Grayce’s Restaurant Tip: SHARE EVERYTHING! Though it is possible to order individual entrees, the restaurant is also great at doing share plates and ordering ‘family style’. This gives everyone a chance to try everything on the menu! Hendriks also offers an extensive wine list and specialty cocktails like the Hendriks Basil Smash.

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