Retail Roundup – St.ClairWest/Dupont Street #WestVillage By Joshua Sherman

Bar Begonia – 252 Dupont St.


Anthony Rose, a chef and restaurateur who’s already launched five brick-and-mortar ventures beginning with the Annex’s Rose & Sons in 2012, is bringing another to the community. “There’s lots of pubs and stuff in that neighbourhood, and we wanted to have a bar, like, a cocktail bar, something proper like that,” says Rose of the project’s roots. Named Bar Begonia after his favourite flower, Rose’s future watering hole will occupy the long-neglected 252 Dupont St. property late this fall. The menu’s still up in the air, but the ambitious culinary entrepreneur says it’ll have a “good amount of cocktails, for sure.” As for the grub, Rose says he’ll be offering oysters and “small, grilled things,” and that overall it’s “gonna be kinda a little bit of a Parisian base, but very, very kind of rustic.” The interior’s design is also still a work in progress, but Rose is looking forward to featuring local artists’ work in an unusual place: on the floor. “That’ll be super fucking cool,” he says. Just outside, expect to see a fire pit and raw bar, and maybe a bocce ball court and tetherball pole, too. “We don’t like to take ourselves too seriously,” says Rose. That might be an understatement.

Starbucks – 1228 St. Clair Ave. W


A Starbucks is brewing on the corner of St. Clair Avenue West and St. Clair Gardens. Later this month, the ubiquitous café chain will move into 1228 St. Clair Ave. W., the former home of another coffee house, Novecento. While uniformity is the mark of most any chain, there’s something about this new location that sets it apart from some others: it will be a Starbucks Reserve store, says spokesperson Carly Suppa. “Starbucks Reserve stores feature all the offerings you’d expect at Starbucks in addition to special, premium small-lot coffees called Starbucks Reserve, which are brewed on the Clover Brewing System,” Suppa says. The system’s a hybrid of vacuum pot and coffee press methods that’s known to really bring out a coffee’s flavour, she explains, noting customers will be able to pick up batch-roasted Reserve coffee by the cup or half-pound. So what drew the java giant to the area? “We look for sites that are visible and easy to find and can support Starbucks’ intent to honour the communities in which we serve by acting as a gathering place for both residents and visitors,” she says. “St. Clair West is a great community and we’re excited to be part of it.”

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