Ringing in the newest fitness tech

About a year ago I wrote about fitness bands, smartwatches and the whole fit-tech movement. Names like FitBit and AppleWatch are notorious as brands that everyone wears. Today we move forward, literally and figuratively. From the wrist to the finger: the possible next big thing in fitness tech is smart rings.  

I have had a chance to test out the two leaders in the category. For the last few months I have been wearing a ring on each hand that has been measuring stats like steps, calories burnt, sleep and heart rate. Meet Motiv (mymotiv.com) and Oura (ouraring.com), the leaders in the smart ring evolution. 


The Good: Both rings work with a smartphone app that allows you to sync via Bluetooth and gives you details about your health and workouts, such as active minutes and quality of sleep. You can see if you got a good night sleep or not, plus you can look at sleep by week or month to find trends in your sleep pattern. Each ring will measure your heart rate, both active and resting, which can be a useful piece of info for you (or your doctor, trainer or fitness guru). 

The Bad: You need to get a sizing kit first before ordering your ring. The sizing kits is a pack of plastic rings that you try on and wear for a few days, and once you pick a finger you are comfortable with, you order the real ring. Therefore you really can’t change fingers or even give the ring as a gift. Also, because a ring is smaller then a watch, you need to charge it every 3 to 4 days. Lastly, it does not alert you to a phone call or text message, so if that is a feature you need then perhaps a smart ring alone is not enough.  

Final Thoughts: While the two rings are priced similarly, the truth is I found one to be more useful for me. The Oura ring has a better app, plus its ability to measure body temperature makes it a clear winner. 

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