#SayNoToCardboard and Yes to FROGBOX: The convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly way to move!

Frog with box- large (2) (525x640)The moving process can be quite a stressful experience and has been labelled as one of the top 3 most traumatic things that someone will go through. So after you have decided to move, the daunting process of finding boxes begins. The inconvenience starts from the beginning as you have to carve out time to hassle the local grocery store’s produce department for cardboard boxes. After building and taping the boxes together, the safety of your household items is not guaranteed once loaded into the mover’s truck. Not only is cardboard inconvenient, but it is stressful on mother-nature. What is the solution? Meet Ken Wilden and Phil Harbut, owners of FROGBOX-Toronto (http://frogbox.com/toronto). These local business owners are focused on their mission of reducing the stress on people and the environment. From one pad to another, FROGBOX offers a simple service as the team will deliver all of the eco-friendly moving supplies to the customer’s home or commercial office, and after everything has been unpacked, they will pick the materials up from the new location! Frogbox Steps Also, rest assured knowing that taking care of the environment is on the forefront of the business. Cardboard makes up for 18-26% of landfill material and recycling them requires a large amount of energy and water using our earths precious resources. FROGBOXES are used many times (and sanitized after every use) throughout their lifespan, reducing carbon footprint and human impact on the environment. TorontoFrogbox1 Each product you could need for moving is eco-friendly! The product roster includes green moving boxes, recycled packing paper, and just when you thought that bubble wrap couldn’t get any more fun, FROGBOX carries bio-degradable green colored bubble wrap! Not to mention, the gasoline used for delivery trucks use bio-fuel to reduce emissions. When usin FROGBOX, you can find comfort in knowing that you are reducing human impact on the environment, and are giving back to the community. Ken and Phil donate 1% of their revenue to Evergreen Brickworks (http://ebw.evergreen.ca/), a national charity that works to improve the health of cities by implementing sustainable living. This summer, don’t stress about moving, use FROGBOX! For eco-friendly tips visit the Frogblog: http://frogbox.com/blog. PS. You may have seen Phil with President Doug Burgoyne on Dragons Den: http://www.cbc.ca/player/Shows/Shows/Dragons’+Den/Season+5/ID/2337870500/?sort=MostRecent

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