School Year Resolutions – The Family Guide to the Real New Year By Jennifer Greenberg

Every December the buzz of New Year’s Resolutions fills our ears and holiday-tired minds with mini to-do lists, things to do to make the new year different, better. But as many of us know, December is but a minor pause in the calendar that is punctuated by our children’s school calendar. The real New Year’s build up, that momentous date that all parents and kids count down to, is the day when everyone goes back to School. Here are some resolutions to start your family’s New Year on the right foot:

Back to Good Food

Back to School often begins and ends with a shopping list and a few enthusiastic packed lunches. This year, keep the enthusiasm up with a brown-bagged lunch routine you can feel great about. LunchBots food containers are stylish stainless steel containers for the whole family. Add a Kleen Kanteen bottle in their backpacks and a S’well bottle in your purse or briefcase and you’ve got yourself a happy, healthy, and hydrating lunch plan. All available at EcoExistence at 766 St. Clair West in Hillcrest Village and Qi Natural Foods at 1001 Eglinton Ave West in Forest Hill. In a pinch, pickup healthy prepared foods from Urban Fare at 1415 Bathurst Street. Greeneating

Back to Nature

The end of summer vacation does not signal the end of summer, although it might feel like that for the kids. There is still plenty of time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, sun, and a bit of dirt. In between the swimming, karate (Northern Karate), dance (Ontario School of Ballet), soccer, and other classes you’ve got planned—schedule some playtime outdoors. Playful Minds at 657 St. Clair West has everything to keep the little ones busy from September to snowfall. Outdoor toys such as scooters, Pogo Sticks and even backyard Ziplines are available, plus an array of Bogs boots to keep their toes dry and puddle-resistant. backtonature

Back to a Routine

Little boy holding alarm clock. There is nothing more anticipated than the first back-to-school bedtime, a sigh of relief for parents and perhaps a slightly intimidating finish line for the children. Try setting up a routine about a week or two before school to help your children adjust to the change in schedule and to help yourself maintain a sense of order and calm throughout the school year. Schedule one night a week to eat out; this is not only a treat for you and the kids, it’s also an opportunity to show your kids how to support local businesses, budget, and make healthy food choices even when eating out. In addition to ‘Game Night’ (which we love) try cooking together for one night a week. Having the kids get involved with picking the recipe, shopping for supplies (Wychwood Barns Farmers Market), and preparing the food is a great way to teach them about seasonal foods and making local and healthy choices. And lastly, that much anticipated bedtime. Except don’t think you’re exempt—a good night’s sleep can do wonders to your health and help kick that 3 p.m. wall of fatigue down. Set a grown-up bedtime, including lights out on all electronics to help you decompress from the digital stimulation of the day. We’re looking forward to ringing in the New School Year with these and other great St. Clair Village retailers which we will feature in our upcoming community articles.
JENNIFER GREENBERG is a Realtor, Mom, and active supporter of the St. Clair West community for well over 15 years.

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