Scribbling Rivalry Takes Center Stage at Artscape Wychwood Barns Street Party

Last Friday night we had the pleasure of attending Artscape Wychwood Barns “Scribbling Rivalry” Street Party presented by Above Ground Art Supplies and Organized by Artscape in collaboration with the WBCA.

Hosted by Enza Anderson, Painters, Musicians, Breakdancers and Spoken Word artists went head-to-head in a series of live art competitions where the audiences decided who would win each competition.  The last artist standing was declared the “Scribbling Rivalry Champion”. Congratulations to Jimmy Chiale – Grand Champion of Painting Competition.

All artwork was available for purchase by way of a Silent Auction.

Take a look at some photos from the competition and a special thank you to Diana Renelli Photography.

Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9355 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9359 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9349 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9344 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9329 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9324 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9300 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9294 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9278 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9274 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9268 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9509(left) Jimmy Chiale – Grand Champion of Painting CompetitionEvents_Scribbling_DR_2014_9508 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9507 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9500 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9498 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9488 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9487 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9470 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9457 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9454 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9445 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9438 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9430 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9424 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9417 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9408 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9405 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9402 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9398 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9392 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9384 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9382 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9376 Events_Scribbling_DR_2014_9369



Javid Jah
Adam Chapman
Tamara Toledo
Marnie White
Jimmy Chiale
Bernadette Peets
Adrian Hayles
Ashley Mackenzie Barnes
Jordan Dunlop
Heather Gentleman
Julie Saggers
Irina Schestakowich


Muhtadi Thomas Drumfest


Nikki Andre
Britta B.


Lee Pham and crew

Hosted by Enza Anderson

Presenting sponsor Above Ground Art Supplies

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