Show Appreciation for Dad with Loving Lessons this Father’s Day

June is all about Dad and the special guys in our lives. I love celebrating with my family at our annual Father’s Day BBQ with all the fathers, grandfathers and uncles. As a strong believer in pairing teachable moments and special occasions, I recommend selecting gifts with an educational element. It’s a great way for the entire family to recognize Dad and promote learning for students at the same time! 

Personalized books 

There is nothing Dad will cherish more than a custom-made book from his loved ones. This can be anything including a scrapbook, photo album or keepsake journal filled with memories.  This was my gift of choice when my husband first became a father, and our kids still keep our personalized book in the bedtime story rotation. It also provides an opportunity for children to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment as they have helped contribute to the creation. 

Sports labels 

As someone who works in education, I can assure you there’s no age too early to start teaching organization. For dads who are into fitness, what better way to keep track of all their gear than with personalized sports labels? Mabel’s Labels has cool packs customized with the dad’s name, favourite sport and jersey number. These labels can also be shared with the kids and used to keep track of all kinds of things. It’s a gift we can all cheer for! 

#MadeInCanada clothing 

For dads who love to lounge, I am a big fan of athleisure wear, especially with a Canadian connection. Redwood Classics, a Toronto manufacturer spanning several generations, is now available online and through selected distributors.  My family loves the Heritage Collection. It’s perfect for anyone who loves twinning their wardrobes with other members of their clan. There are so many quality pieces to choose from, but in my household we love wearing matching fox joggers. As a special touch (and lesson for students), the packages are delivered with an eco-friendly paper bag for the clothes, a Wear Canada pin and a personal hand-written note. Factory tours are also available for those who want to get a behind the scenes look at how quality hand crafted apparel is made in our city. 

Family theatre trip  

For theatre going dads, consider a gift certificate or tickets to a local community theatre or professional production. My parents and I recently went to see Mirvish Productions’ Come From Away, the inspirational story of Gander, Newfoundland sheltering approximately 7,000 stranded passengers when planes were diverted there during 9/11. For extra credit, I recommend pairing these tickets with Kevin Tuerff’s memoir, Channel of Peace: Stranded in Gander on 9/11. This title is terrific for fans of the hit musical, or anyone interested in reading the true story behind it. 

What’s on your Father’s Day wish list? 

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