Spring Cleanse Publisher’s Pick

TotalCleanse_product _pic This spring I wanted to discover a healthy way to detox so I chose an ever-popular juice detox. After researching a variety of companies, I decided to go with Total Cleanse, Canada’s premiere juice cleanse delivery service. I started with a one-day detox to reset my system and see what effect it would have on my overall well-being. An insulated cooler bag arrived at my door containing six bottles of hydraulically pressed vegetables and fruits. The bottles were numbered, which made the program easy to follow. The morning bottle, “Green Energy,” tasted great and left me feeling full and satisfied. This lead to a mid-morning bottle of “Lemon Rush” followed by another “Green Energy” for lunch, another “Lemon Rush,” “Very Berry,” and finally, in the late evening, a “Creamy Cashew Milk.” Aside from the massive change in my regular eating habits, the program was quite easy. Even after just one day, I felt better overall – less bloated, more energy at night, and I woke up the next day feeling great (albeit hungry). My one day experience exceeded my expectations and I will definitely implement a juice cleanse more often and perhaps try a longer program in the future.

Check them out at TotalCleanse.ca

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