Squat Till You Drop – Do it or Drop It! See what Our Personal Trainers Matt & Felicia Taub Suggest for this #fitnessfriday

We’ve all heard this before. Seen it on t-shirts. Have it barked at you from your boot camp instructor. So what gives? Why is it that when I squat not only do I feel like dropping after 3 but so often it hurts? And how do you do it properly? One instructor tells you to butt back. Another get as low as you can? The next trainer tells me never to go past 90 degrees in the knees. Instead of squatting ‘till I drop I’m thinking I should just drop the squat.

Well, we’re here to fix this. First off, let’s talk the benefits of doing squats. What it’s actually doing and then, how to do it effectively.

For starters, squats are the most effective, surgeon free, way to lift and sculpt your butt. What else do they do and why does EVERY single trainer and class have me doing them.

They can help assist in building muscle in your entire body. Yes, they clearly work your legs but when done correctly, squats are so intense (which you know) they trigger the release of endorphins along with testosterone and human growth hormone that are vital for muscle growth which gets delivered to the rest of the body.

It’s a functional exercise, which makes everyday real life activities easier. Squats help promote mobility and balance. Strong legs are crucial for staying mobile when we get older. Nobody wants to fall and break a hip.

Back to that butt lift. Few exercises work as many muscles as the squat, so it’s an excellent multi-purpose activity useful for toning and tightening your behind, abs, and, of course, your legs.

So how do I do a proper squat?

Squats have long been criticized for being destructive to your knees. We can tell you this. In most cases, it’s not the squats that are the problem, it is how you are doing them. So here you go.

  • Warm up
  • Stand with your feet just over shoulder width apart
  • Keep your back in a neutral position, and keep your knees centered over your feet
  • Slowly bend your knees, hips and ankles, lowering until you reach a 90-degree angle
  • Return to starting position — repeat 15-20 times, for 2-3 sets for beginners (do this two or three times a week)

Breathe in as you lower, breathe out as you return to starting position

I mentioned earlier in this article about going lower then 90 degrees. Go for it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you have no prescribed limitations go for it. Make sure you bring your butt down with your knees tracing over your toes. NOT BEYOND. Standing with your shoulders back place your weight on your total foot and press straight up. Slowly. Utilizing all your muscles as you stand.

This is just the basics. Squats are good for you. In more then one way. Keep pushing through on them.





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