Starting Fresh – How to Prepare Yourself to Sell Your Home By Jennifer Greenberg

Preparing to sell your home is no easy task but if you’re considering selling, now is the time to freshen up your home. Here are 5 steps to help you prepare yourself and your home for a new start:

Step 1: It’s time to make a decision. Look around, do you need more space now that your baby has grown up and comes with mounds of sports gear and swarms of teenage house guests? Or is your 25 year old all moved out and you find yourself spending too much time dusting off unused bedrooms? The first step will require some heavy lifting of the mental and emotional kind. You need to decide whether your space suits your needs now and in the future. Whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, leaving your home is 80% emotion and 20% sensibility. You need to validate those big emotions, put them in a big old box, and set them aside so sensibility can override and make a clear decision.

Step 2: It’s time to build your team and get to work. Leaving your home and starting fresh somewhere else will be new, unchartered territory. Even if you’ve moved before, every house and every move is a unique experience for you and your family. Just like visiting a new country, you will need a guide that can help you navigate the currency and the language. Just as there are 100 ways to visit a new country, there are a 100 ways to sell a house. Find a guide who will hear you and help you navigate this new territory in bite sized pieces. Together with your guide you will build the team and lay out your plans.

Step 3: Now it’s time to get going—boots on the ground! Send in the troops! It’s time to freshen and clear space for buyers to imagine their life with their things in your space. Key Tip: Do not sort before you pack! Just pack everything up, label your life and get ready for the next adventure. If you sort through all your belongings before you move it is almost impossible to imagine a home in which your things and memories have no space and no place. It is only when you are in your new home, on your new adventure, that you can really take stock of what you have and if or where it fits in your new life. Otherwise these tiny decisions build up and overwhelm you.

Step 4: Breath. The hard work is over. Put down your map. Sit back, look out the window, and let your guide do the driving. Remember the trust you had when you first hired your guide? You hired them because they’re your match, you know they can hear your voice and you’ve established a foundation of communication and accountability. They will see you through to a triumphant end of an exciting journey. They will help you navigate a successful transaction.

Step 5: Now that your house is sold you have one day to rest and recoup before beginning your new adventure in your new home.

JENNIFER GREENBERG is a Sales Representative for Harvey Kalles, mom and active supporter of the St. Clair West Community for well over 15 years. LOEWITHGREENBERG.COM
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