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Lighting: Good lighting will make any sized closet even more functional. Custom systems can be designed to incorporate lighting right into the cabinetry. An easy update for any closet is ceiling-mount lighting that you can find at your local hardware store. Or use a lamp in your walk-in closet to brighten up the space.

Laundry hamper: If possible, incorporate a place for laundry into your closet design – whether it’s a built-in sliding hamper or a home-made solution like a hanging laundry bag.

Closet accessories, Laundry hamper

Mirror: If your closet doubles as your dressing area, you can make it more functional with a mirror, either built-in or hung on the door.

Ironing Boards: If you iron often, you might want to incorporate an ironing board right into your closet. Custom designs can include an ironing board that folds up from a drawer or you can hang a wall-mount ironing board in the closet.

Belt racks, tie racks and scarf racks – Whether you’re working with a closet designer or finding your own creative solutions, be sure to incorporate a way to store accessories so they’ll be easy to find and stay in good condition. An alternative to racks is to roll belts and ties and store them in trays or hanging shoe pockets.

Jewelry storage – Retail closet systems often include jewelry inserts for drawers, or try using serving trays or containers to keep your jewelry organized.


Closet accessories - Jewelry drawer

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