Stretching … it does the body good! 

Last Friday in How To Use Your Condo Gym I shared how to get yourself moving at home. But moving throughout your day at work is just as important.

Stretching reduces neck, back, and shoulder pain related to prolonged sitting, and improves your posture and sport performance. It keeps your muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. We need flexibility to maintain range of motion in our joints. Otherwise the muscles shorten and become tight, putting us at greater risk for joint pain or injury when they are used in activity and are unable to extend all the way. Simply put “movement is medicine, and motion is lotion!”

During my corporate wellness presentation, “Training Desk Jockeys: Fitness, Nutrition  and Ergonomics for the Office,” I explain to groups the negative effects of sitting and provide realistic solutions – including this DexFit 5 Minute Office Stretch Routine that can easily be done at your desk to reduce pain from repetitive strain:

DexFit 5 Minute Office Stretch Routine:

Follow along with this routine at least twice a day, or …

  • Anytime you feel pain or stiffness
  • Every time you get an email, phone call, or set a reminder for yourself
  • Whenever your co-worker sniffles annoyingly!

As humans we were not designed to sit all day. You can’t change the fact that you must sit at your job, but as Miss Jackson says, you are in control of how often you move. Many clients of mine have reduced joint pain by adding small daily movement. It doesn’t have to be this 5 Minute Stretch Routine either – just standing up and straightening your arms and legs gives your hip flexors, hamstrings, neck, shoulders, wrists, and elbows a much needed break from being in a decompressed or flexed position. Even just 5 seconds a few times a day can do wonders for your body!

Request the DexFit corporate wellness workshop “Training Desk Jockeys: Fitness, Nutrition and Ergonomics for the Office” for your Toronto office! Learn office stretches you can do at your desk, how to sit at your computer workstation to prevent repetitive strains, how to best handle sweets left in the office kitchen, and more in this fun and interactive workshop by award-winning presenter and certified trainer, Charlene Carroll.

Yours in good health,
Charlene Carroll, Dexterity Fitness

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