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What’s the best kind of spring cleaning? A wardrobe refresh of course! Get inspired for your most stylish season yet with favourite tips from some of the city’s most savvy stylists.

Barbara Ann Solomon

Creative Director & Editor
Fashion should be fun, it’s the easiest way to show your personality. I think the easiest way to create a statement outfit is to think about contrast — between prints, textures and colours. Have a little fun this spring!  Photography by 2Boo Studio (@2boostudio)







Iva Grbesic

Style Expert & Blogger

My biggest style tip has to be the “Third Piece Rule.” This rule states that the most stylish outfits are made up of a minimum of 3 pieces — a top, a bottom and a third piece that takes the outfit from nice to exceptional. The third piece can be (but is not limited to) a topper (blazer, jacket, sweater etc.), scarf or statement piece of jewelry.




Suzanne Colmer

Owner of Your Shop Girl Image Consulting

When you are doing your closet clean-out this spring, take EVERYTHING out and try it all on. Then ask yourself two questions about each piece: how many outfits can I make with it? and how does it make me feel? Only keep the pieces that make you feel amazing.





Nadia Pizzimenti

Freelance Fashion Stylist and Consultant

Identifying your body shape is the crucial first step to great style. Once you figure out whether you are a pear, apple, hourglass, etc. then you can shop for pieces that structurally highlight your best features. From there, personalize your look through colours, prints, and fabrics. When you feel comfortable, you portray confidence, which is the ultimate secret to amazing style.







Natasha Geddes

Fashion and Marketing Director, The September

When spring-cleaning your closet, identify the key items you cannot part with (but wish you wore more often) and THEN buy the bridge pieces that tie it all together. I often invest in good white tops or great shoes (my recent purchase that works with everything is a simple black flat Vince mule from The September) that I can wear with all my bottoms.






Meredith Shaw

Style Expert & Curvy Style Authority

Let this be the season you set yourself free. Clothes hanging in your closet that don’t fit? Donate them. Self-conscious of your arms? Wear a sleeveless top and realize the world won’t fall down around you. True style isn’t about the clothes, it’s about the woman wearing them. So give her a break, make fashion FUN again!

Photo Credit: Jenna Marie Wakani






Rebecca Jacobs

Style Strategist + Coach

What you see when you open your closet has a big impact on your style! Edit your wardrobe down to only the pieces you love, store away out-of-season items, and put those beautiful dresses and blouses you want to wear more often front and centre!







Talia Brown

Celebrity Stylist and Personal Shopper

I’m always asked how to wear the “trends.”The trick is finding shapes and sizes that work with your body. For example, long trench coats are everywhere but every one won’t be a winner. Look at the length, where the pockets sit, and where the shoulders fall? I suggest trying on at least three. Snap a selfie or ask a salesperson or a friend with a great eye for their opinion. You should wear it with confidence. Don’t let it wear you!







Afiya Francisco

Style Expert

Forget the “rules”: no clashing colours, no white after Labour Day, no mini skirts after the age of 30 … life is too short, wear what makes you happy. If you need a little confidence-booster look to the style mavens who aren’t afraid to redefine “good taste” and look fabulous doing so. Note: nobody rocks a mini skirt like Tina Turner or Carine Roitfeld.

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