[Styling] Crimped Hair Makes An Unexpected Comeback


Crimped Hair Makes An Unexpected Comeback. If I had to pick one hairstyle to make a comeback, crimped hair would be at the top of our list.

But I didn’t think we had to worry about the frizzy ’90s style returning… This year you are going to see Crimped hair showing up on the red carpet. Hair completely crimped from root to strand. Yes

Simply put, this is terrifying to some people who was around the original 90210 time. When did crimping your hair become a thing again? Who broke out the crimping irons when we weren’t looking? Are our worst hair days from middle school coming back to haunt us? lol Yes.

(Confession: I actually still own one of those Hair crimper tools, so the trend is coming back, at least I’m well equipped.)


Written by: Mike Goncalves

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