Summer Hydration By Rachel Schwartzman #WellbeingWednesday

Welcome Summer! With it officially being summer, this Wellbeing Wednesday tip is all about hydration. As many more Canadians are becoming health savvy, we see people ditching the high sugar pops and juices and reaching for healthier options such as water and herbal teas. Today I am going to highlight some of the best beverages to drink while outdoors this summer that will keep you well hydrated, your skin glowing and your mind and body energized. Water. We all know the golden rule of drinking 8 glasses per day, but I can admit that sometimes plain old water is just boring. Some ideas to revive that water glass it to add a few wedges of lemon or orange, chop up some fresh mint or cucumber, or add in some local strawberries or raspberries. The water becomes infused with these delicious flavours, bringing excitement to your glass. ONE Coconut Water Coconut Water. This beverage is packed full of electrolytes, allowing you to ditch those commercial drinks marketed as energy drinks. Rich in sodium, magnesium potassium, phosphorus and calcium, it’s a perfect drink for athletes, pregnant mamas, little ones and anyone needing some extra hydration. Try adding it to ice and fresh mint, use it as the base in a smoothie or even top it off on an alcoholic beverage. tonica_kombucha Kombucha. If you’ve never had this fermented mushroom drink, and are weary of it based on its description, I assure you it actually tastes good! This beverage is fizzy and often mixed with other flavours such as berries, chamomile, or lemon. This probiotic rich beverage is amazing for digestion, reduces bloating, and is even connected with weight loss. Give it a try, you just may like it. Iced Herbal Teas: These are so simple to make and provide amazing health benefits while keeping us hydrated. All you need to do is steep and cool a pot of herbal tea. It can really be any herbal tea you enjoy. Some ideas are; mint that is cooling in the summer heat, lemon balm or chamomile, which calm a nervous mind or tummy and nettle that is rich in minerals and nourishes the body. You can add a little honey or fresh lemon to enhance the teas flavour, if desired. Batido verde detox Green Drinks. We can never go wrong with increasing our green food intake. Whether you make a smoothie, adding in kale or spinach or opt for a powdered green supplement, greens provide nutrition to the cells of our bodies which in turn provide us with energy. I don’t know about you but when it comes to energy, I can use all the help I can get. I hope you try some of these drink ideas. It’s important to stay well hydrated in the summer. Another idea is to take any of the above beverages and freeze them into popsicles. After all, no one can refuse a frozen treat on a stick. Happy Summer!

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