Suns Out, Guns Out – 4 Moves to Sculpt Tank Top Arms With Becky from Philosophy Fitness #fitnessfriday

It is officially tank top season, making this week’s #fitnessfriday all about arms. Because toned arms look and feel good with every outfit.

Gaining muscle definition in your arms (or anywhere) can be simplified into 2 tasks:

  • decreasing body fat —> healthy eating
  • increasing muscle —> lifting weights

“But I don’t want to bulk up”

This statement is an all too common misconception of weight training.

We are telling you right now, get that thought out of your head. Becoming the female version of Arnold Schwarzeneggar is just not going to happen. Combine an appropriate resistance training program with healthy eating and consistency, and you have the recipe for toned fit arms

Not sold yet? The benefits of lifting weights has also been shown to improve bone density, improve blood sugar control, improve sleep, improve metabolic rate and accelerate fat loss. Start lifting weights!!

As a new mom, a personal fitness goal is to regain my upper body strength. It’s a work in progress. Join me in the set shown below targeting muscles to increase arm definition. For full videos of these 4 moves, and an ADDITIONAL 4 VIDEOS of arm defining exercises check out our Facebook page Philosophy Fitness St. Clair West.

Arm Sculpting Set

*when applicable, choose a DB weight that will challenge yourself, but will allow you to keep proper technique throughout the set

Complete this set of 4 exercises without rest. 30 second break and repeat for 3 sets.

Walk Out Pushups
12 reps

Walkout Pushup PhotoBeginner Tips

  • Standing feet hip width apart, walk your hands forward until you are in high plank
  • Complete a push up
  • Keeping core engaged walk your hands back towards your feet
  • Return to standing position
  • Repeat


Up Downs
20 reps

Up Down PhotoBeginner Tips

  • Hold high plank position, keeping core muscles activated
  • Drop down to elbows one at a time, keeping elbows aligned with shoulders
  • With the same leading arm push off the ground to return to high plank
  • Switch leading arms half way through the set


Lying Tricep Extension
12 reps

Lying Tricep Extension photoBeginner Tips:

  • Lie on your back with arms extended, palms facing each other
  • Lower DBs towards ears
  • Squeeze triceps as you extend your arms back to starting position



Shoulder Press
12 reps

Shoulder Press PhotoBeginner Tips:

  • Hold DBs to each side of shoulders with elbows below wrists
  • Press upwards extending your arms overhead


Find 4 additional videos showing Renegade Rows, Tricep Dips, Lateral Raises and Bicep Curls on our Facebook page.

Goodluck, we hope your arms feel a little noodley tomorrow!

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