Sweat and Hair Just Don’t Mix | Three Cool Styles to Try at the Gym


Hitting the gym after a long day day is grueling enough, but having your hair sweating on your neck is even worse. Sweat and hair don’t make for the greatest of ‘dos. The go-to solution is usually the pony––it’s easy and keeps the hair out of your eyes and can be finished in seconds. But what if you want to try something new? I’m always looking for something different at the gym for women to wear a cool hair stye to try out –– so I found a few cool and easy styles to try out next time your hitting the weights.

Braided Bun

Keep your strands secure and free of tangles. Sweep hair back into a high pony and secure with a hair tie. Weave length into a braid and secure. Next twist hair around the base of the ponytail and secure with bobby pins.

French Side Braids

Create a middle part and section hair into two equal parts. French braid each side of hair and secure with hair tie. Make sure both braids are tight so you don’t have flyways. Change the look up by accessorizing with a cool headband.

No-Crease Chignon

Trying to avoid creases and kinks? Stick to bobby pins to keep hair out of your face. Pull hair to the nape of your hair and twist the length. Then take the twisted ponytail and wrap it around itself to create a bun. Secure with bobby pins.

See you at the gym with you’re fabulous hair do. I will be looking 🙂


Mike Goncalves

Stonerose hair studio
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