Take The Workout Outdoors with Becky from Philosophy Fitness. There Are No Excuses! – #FitnessFriday By Phil Ortwein

It’s all about doing what you can, when you can, where you can, and with this great weather upon us, we really have no excuses. If you are new to fitness, or a busy mom with few precious moments of time in between diaper changes and naps, or even an advanced super athlete, the possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor workouts. Best part of all, it’s FREE!

Why we love outdoor workouts

Vitamin D + Endorphins = (Insert your choice of smiley face here!)
Being outside can do wonders for your mental health, and all it takes is for you to put on your shoes, and walk out the door. Below are some of the great green spaces we use, and are easily accessible to the local community.

Casa Loma Stairs, walk or jog up and down the stairs a few times and your heart will be pumping, add a set of pushups at the bottom before you head back up.
Cedarvale Park recently added some great outdoor fitness tools, use the pull up bars, dip bars and benches at the outdoor exercise area
Sir Winston Churchill Park offers vast green space perfect for mat exercises or a cardio session on the soft running track.
Hillcrest Park with its skyline view for inspiration, and many grassy areas for drills
Earlscourt Park track and bleachers as seen in the pictures has endless possibilities

We challenge you to take 20 minutes TODAY and workout at your local park, take a brisk stroller walk, or even choose a relaxing stretch session under a shady tree. It all counts!

We’d love to hear from you, what is your favourite park to workout in? Comment below and give other readers your ideas on how you exercise outdoors

Sample Bench Workout

(repeat 3 times, 60 second break between each set)
*no equipment needed, follow attached pictures of Philosophy Fitness Co-Owner Becky Ortwein

1) Dynamic Warm Up
– Loosen up by walking the track, leg swings, arm circles, put your body through a variety of movements to warm your muscles up

2) Single Leg Step Up – 60 sec each leg
– Keep your knee behind your toes and focus on your glutes as you push off the bench. Start on a low step, move to a higher one if you want a greater challenge

3) Triceps Dip – 60 sec
– For optimal triceps engagement, keep your back close to the bench, lower slowly, and squeeze elbows together. Straighten your legs for a greater challenge


4) Plank with Knee to Elbow – 60 sec (review plank technique from previous #FitnessFriday)

– Engage your core muscles and breathe out as you pull your knee forward and back

5) Cardio Step Up – 60 sec
– Simply stepping up and down, challenge yourself to keep the pace up!

IMG_1189 2


Now walk home and smile, life is good. For more park workouts, or questions please contact Philosophy Fitness. www.philosophyfitness.com or pose a question on Facebook at Philosophy Fitness – St. Clair West.
Opening Soon at 575 St. Clair Avenue West.

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