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What are you up to the evening of November 15th, 2017? If you want to snack, schmooze, learn, and be completely inspired by an amazing organization, you should definitely check out Shoresh’s third annual Taking Root event. This year, the beautiful and spacious York Mills Gallery is generously sponsoring the venue for this buzzworthy event, all in support of Shoresh.

For those who are familiar with Shoresh, you already know the important and meaningful work that Shoresh is up to all year long. For others who are interested in attending Taking Root, who may not be familiar with Shoresh, this evening is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the environmental Jewish organization. As Sabrina Malach, Director of Outreach and Communication at Shoresh suggests as to why you should attend Taking Root is to “better understand what Shoresh actually does: From saving the bees to running an outdoor school, we do a lot and we know that sometimes it’s hard to grasp the depth and breadth of our work. At Taking Root you’ll experience all of Shoresh’s innovative and award-winning initiatives at our installation booths.”

One of the main attractions of the Taking Root event, is the FOOD and DRINK!! All of the incredibly delicious and generous 20+ food and drink sponsors are part of a community of kind food. The kind food movement is all about food and drink organizations that are made by local caring people and businesses, with an emphasis on plant based, fresh, and organic eats.

Shoresh’s goal at Taking Root is to bring together kind people to enjoy and be introduced to kind food. This is the place to try bagels, lox, and cream cheese, that also happens to be fish free and dairy free, sponge toffee made with Ontario and Quebec maple and birch syrup entombed in chocolate from a local chocolatier, craft whiskey made in Ontario, effervescent kombucha, and the list goes on and on. Let us intrigue and whet your appetite a little bit more. How does potato and cauliflower croquettes with dipping sauce, Caprese salad bites, and tiger nut ice cream (fun fact: not a nut but a tuber that is incredibly smooth, creamy and delicious) sound to you?

Of course there will be the Jewish staples such as hummus, pickles on a stick, and warming soup.

Amongst the 20+ vendors Shoresh has two award winning chefs and cookbook authors, Chef Jordan Wagman and Chef Doug McNish. We will leave the element of surprise to you for what each and every local business and company is serving, but here are the names of Shoresh’s wonderfully kind food and drink sponsors: Fresh City Farms, Limami Sushi, Yoso, Michelle’s Raw Foodz, Sunflower Kitchen, Bio Raw, Nana Shake, Plant Trainers, Mighty Fine Brine, The Chufa Co., Delicious Dish, Neal Brothers, Nud, Go Go Quinoa, Healthy Crunch, Nona, Green House Juice Co., Beau’s Beer, Still Waters Distillery, Rise Kombucha, Turmeric Teas, Live on Chocolate, and even more to come.

Taking Root’s snack and drink theme is all about eating “guilt free food”, however, not in the typical “guilt free” way one may think. As you can see with the sponsors mentioned, you will be able to experience and enjoy delicious food and drink that is also about the ethics and intention that goes into producing items that are good for you and good for the environment too. This event is meant to have people “take root” by giving the guests an opportunity to try good food and know where to get it by learning about and supporting the local businesses. The goal is to show that we are all better off when we work together and come together (and eat and drink together!).

In addition to all of the fantastic food and drink vendors, you will be entertained by another one of Shoreh’s wonderful sponsors, Rock the Shtetl, as you listen to their joyful Klezmer tunes.

You can also peruse and take part in the exciting silent auction, where so many generous local companies donated gifts, services, and experiences. You can expect to see items to bid on from local businesses such as Fresh Restaurants, Fiesta Farms, Sorelle and Co., Live Organic Food, The Big Carrot, Earth and City, Beekeepers Naturals, Camp George, Borden Communications, Village Living Publications, and many more!

As you can see the third annual Taking Root, and Shoresh as a whole, is about rootedness and connectedness. The organization’s name itself in Hebrew means “root”, which is exemplified in all that Shoresh provides to the community and beyond. Executive Director, Risa Alyson Cooper, emphasizes that what sustains us is what roots us. Risa reminds us that while society often focuses on growth, it’s just as important to focus on what grounds ourselves in our community; be it through people, environmental stewardship, and Jewish tradition. You can experience these connections and so much more with 300+ people on November 15th, 2017 starting at 6:30pm.

Learn more about this wondrous organization at http://shoresh.ca and get your Tickets HERE.  Come out to celebrate and support an extraordinary organization doing extraordinary things for the land, the community, the people, and taking root for future generations.

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