Technology: The Catalyst to Self-Healing | By Jaime Slavin #WellbeingWednesday – Healing Edition

Soul 7 is an exclusive healing centre with a focus on Mind/Body Balancing Technologies by using cutting-edge technology to achieve wellness and optimize the body’s ability to self-heal. To heal naturally, we need to balance the sympathetic and parasympathetic energies of our nervous system. It is all about Energy Flow and Balancing the body so it can heal itself. One can achieve that Flow State (.1hz) in multiple ways. Our Mindful Healing Technologies help that process.

We are electro-magnetic Beings. Our bodies resonate with measurable energy. When properly flowing, our body is designed to heal itself. Our body’s informational field has within it the blueprint for perfect health, we just need to get out of our own way and give the body what it needs. A wise man once said, “We are our own worst enemies.” When we continuously think or accept negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves it causes a disruption in the flow of energy, which can affect the vitality and function of our cells and organs. The health of our body is dependent on the health of our cells communicating and functioning optimally, creating billions of reactions every second…

… Our Mindful Healing TechnologiesTM are combined to synergistically increase energy flow by promoting blood circulation and releasing energy blockages. The result is restored and regenerated energy. Pulse Electro- magnetic Frequence therapy (PEMF) and the other therapies offered at Soul 7 not only recharge the body at the cellular level, they also create a state of deep relaxation. Our PEMF therapy opens all the channels and pathways for essential elements needed to create the healing energy within ourselves.

Excerpt from The Healing Option By Bob Berman, Founder, Soul 7

Ready to begin your Healing Journey? Here is a short Video, the perfect start to an understanding and your path to healing.

Soul 7

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jaimeslavinHSJaime Slavin, Nutritionist/Dietitian, BASc., MPH., RD.

When food and nutrition intermingle, a sequence of events occur. Our senses awaken to a world in which our taste buds are satiated and our body thrives. This is my plan for you, as I invite you to see how pleasurable and nourishing food can harmoniously co-exist.


She is a nutritionist, registered dietitian, food educator, and an advocate for your health and well-being. Visit:

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