Teen Acne – Clearing up Teen Skin Issues from the Inside Out with Iris Zimmer & Josh Gitalis

“Dealing with a hormonal preadolescent can be a battle, so do tread lightly when educating your budding adult, fellow parents!”

By Iris Zimmer, Healthy Aesthetician, & Josh Gitalis, Clinical Nutritionist

I am often pulled aside by my clients and asked the dreaded question: “My child is starting to develop acne on their skin — are they too young to have a facial?” Facials are an essential practice of maintenance that is always beneficial, especially once the hormones start kicking in. Ah, puberty: bumpy skin, blackheads, redness and pimples are typically part of the adolescent package. Your child is approaching their teens, figuring themselves out and most likely already feeling self-conscious about their appearance. You’ll need to teach them to take care of their skin, but you’ll also need to be sensitive toward their feelings. You can point them in the right direction by encouraging them to visit an aesthetician east Austin for support with skincare problems. Dealing with a hormonal preadolescent can be a battle, so tread lightly when educating your budding adult.

Healthy skin starts with understanding how to take care of it on a daily basis. A skin analysis with a reputable aesthetician is always a great start. This begins with a basic facial that includes cleansing the skin, exfoliation and a warm steam. These are followed by extractions (removal of blackheads and cleaning out active acne), and a wonderful massage followed by a mask and moisturizer. Next, your child will receive a lesson on how to take care of their skin every day, including simple cleansing, toning and moisturising with the right products. Once they get the hang of this, they will be more than ready to manage their acne in the comfort of their own home. Plus, with the help of the internet, this has made it easier for anyone who is suffering with acne to watch a number of videos and potentially find a solution. Sticking to the basics is what is best to start off with. Soon, you may start looking into things like Tea tree oil price in india, just because a YouTuber we watched did the same. Don’t worry, many people get like that, especially when it comes to stepping up our skincare routine.

When it comes to selecting products, we’ve all experienced dilemmas caused by the drugstore’s overwhelming selection of choices. However, finding the right product is not as difficult as you would think. Start with looking at the label. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t buy it! With more than 20 years of industry experience, I’ll let you know that I’ve used my own skin as a guinea pig for trying out products. After spending thousands of dollars on these products, I’ve concluded that neither brand name or price bears any influence on their effectiveness. There is only one factor to consider when purchasing products, and this is to ensure that they are as pure and simple as possible.

I recommend the following product lines for their chemical free composition and wide variety of products:



In addition to my recommendations regarding external skin care, I have asked Clinical Nutritionist, Josh Gitalis, to share his expertise on how you can promote better skin from the inside.” All good habits start with good lessons. If you consider my suggestions along with Josh’ key insights, your pre-teen will yield optimal results”

Josh’s List:

1. Dairy and gluten are highly allergenic foods that can cause acne. Many people find complete resolution by eliminating these two food groups.

2. Zinc is a key nutrient for skin health. A deficiency in zinc causes an excess release of sebum, which blocks pores. Bacteria feed on this substance, releasing inflammatory compounds that result in acne. Consume 45 to 60 mg of zinc per day to prevent this.

3. Some people with acne have trouble metabolizing sugar and controlling insulin levels. It is therefore important to eat a low glycemic index diet and limit sugar and starches.

4. Chromium can improve insulin sensitivity. Consume 200 to 400 mcg per day.

5. Hypothyroidism can be an underlying cause of acne. Find a qualified health care practitioner to be properly evaluated.

About the Authors:

Iris Zimmer, healthy aesthetician and owner of “Healthy Aesthetics” for more than 20 years. www.healthyaesthetics.com

Josh Gitalis consults with clients worldwide, teaches clinical nutrition, and is a noted expert for various media outlets


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