The Art of the Bar Cart

Beauty Basics

Similar to your child’s need for a Hatchimal, your teen’s need for a Canada Goose, or your own need for a glass of wine is the family’s need for a bar cart. A great way to add some extra style to a space, a bar cart is also what I call a ‘filler,’ an item that can dress up any bare space, or serve a purpose in an otherwise ‘dead’ corner. Now, it is not just a bar cart, it is a vignette and an element of decor. These are my design secrets to the perfect bar cart!

Ne Touche Pas!

Personally, I have never used a bar cart. Nobody says, ‘Okay folks, let’s all gather around the bar cart,’ and no bartender stands behind one. A bar cart seems kind of silly, since many people don’t use them. We don’t all live like we’re on Mad Men. Design rule #1: Your bar cart is for the eyes only. 

Flemons and flimes add a lot of flavour and folour!

Flemons & Flimes

If you have ever worked with me, you know that anything fake or faux adopts an automatic ‘f’ to replace the first letter. 

We have:

f-lants, which are faux plants, and
f-eather, which is faux leather

My designer suggestion is to always have flemons and flimes. Enough said.

Drink it and Leave the Evidence

Brands such as Crown Royal, Veuve Clicquot, Patrón, and other neatly packaged beverages are great eye-catching statements. Kind of a fake-it-until-you-make-it, however, you have already made it, and now, have an extreme hangover. Use the packaging, whether boxes or bottles, and refill, like new. Next time you think you’re going to polish off that Patrón, don’t throw out the cork!!!!

My Ice Bucket Secrets

This one is VERY abstract. Most bar carts will house an ice bucket (whether used or untouched). They make amazing hiding places. Mine houses loose coins, extra keys, and some other secret things….








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