The Beaches

The Beach, or as Torontonians call it, “The Beaches,” is almost like its own relaxed small town on the eastern edge of downtown Toronto. There are two distinct areas in this district: the shops and restaurants along Queen Street East and the actual Lake Ontario waterfront, complete with beaches, parks and a three-kilometre boardwalk. Go for a run, family bike, a picnic, a skate, but while you’re in the neighbourhood, don’t miss the healthy hotspots for your whole family.


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Tori’s Bakeshop

You can walk from Queen Street down to the Boardwalk through this park in the heart of the Beaches. Take a waste-free picnic and enjoy the Beaches International Jazz Festival here or pick up a tea from David’s Tea in a reusable travel mug and go for an outdoor skate in the winter.


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Wholesome Market

This eco-delicious, all-natural, organic bakery is super charming and serves dairy-free, egg-free, casein-free and refined sugar-free treats that are incredible! They also serve vegan and gluten-free sandwiches and other savoury dishes. Once you know about this bakery, you’ll find reasons to visit the Beaches more often.


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Mercury Espresso Bar

They claim to be specialists in whole health products and they guarantee their organics, which is a pretty great way to get us in the door! They carry everything from fresh and frozen foods to cleaning supplies and personal care products. And if you can’t find the special chia seeds you are after, they will find them for you. Support indie businesses that care!


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This small but vibrant café is known for their artfully crafted espresso and lattes made from Direct Trade or Fair Trade beans, organic teas and their fresh-pressed organic lemonade – a perfect before or after Boardwalk stop. All of their milk and other condiments are certified organic and their paper products and take-out containers are eco-friendly – but don’t let that stop you from taking your own reusable products.


The Rejuvenation Room – Organic Beauty Spa and Sacred Healing Space

Who isn’t looking for an organic beauty spa, shop and sacred healing space? Located in the Upper Beaches in Toronto, try out a certified organic holistic facial and energy medicine treatment, where your mind, body and spirit are able to fully relax and you can heal, nourish and pamper yourself. Pretty great for one stop, isn’t it?

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ECO in the CITY, with Lisa Borden

Lisa Borden, owner of Borden Communications, takes a unique approach to holistically marketing eco-intelligent living and working. Some of her favourite titles (from a long list) include: Strategist + Catalyst, Enthusiastic Philanthropist, Inspiration Agent, Mother of 3 and Wannabe Organic Farmer.

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