The Buy Good. Feel Good. Expo Extends Open Arms with New Free Admission

By Kareen Awadalla

As a story teller, I’m committed to sharing meaningful content that hits home and triggers self-reflection, so that we may never stop asking how we can do better. Last year, in my pursuit of impact driven brands to support, I learned about an incredible event in Toronto called the Buy Good. Feel Good. Expo. To my delight, I discovered a marketplace of smiling, socially conscious entrepreneurs and brands, all choosing planet over profit. It felt like I had walked into the most inspiring and welcoming community, and I never wanted to leave.

Imagine if you will, a Mecca for zero waste housewares, ethical fashion, fair trade and sustainable food options, and so much more – all under one roof! On April 12-14, 2019 the Expo will return to the Enercare Centre, but this year, admission is FREE. 

Among the roster of new and returning exhibitors, attendees can expect to see the faces behind earth friendly brands such as SUMO Bio-Bags who are working to combat single use plastic bags with their eco-friendly trash bags. You can meet the team behind The Big Carrot, and find out how they are contributing to healthy and sustainable food systems right in your community, or engage with more familiar, global brands such as TOMS Canada who is collaborating with Buy Good. Feel Good. to celebrate change makers under their Stand for Tomorrow campaign. It’s the perfect opportunity to discover new products and alternatives, ask questions to justify what might be a bigger spend, and see the change your money is buying.

In today’s shifting marketplace, I think we can all agree society is starting to take the earth’s cry for help more seriously. Household brands are being called out for perpetuating a cycle of overconsumption, waste, poverty and pollution, and that’s all thanks to collective action. If we want to see change, we’ve got to get more in tune with the power of one purchase. That means being mindful when we buy, knowing that every dollar spent has an impact. We need to shift our spending habits to support the incredible work these enterprises are doing by challenging social norms and bringing it closer to home. Invite your friends and family to attend the Buy Good. Feel Good. Expo. with you, and together you’ll experience how collective action inspires collective impact.

Check out their 2019 list of exhibitors at Register for admission here

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