The Cure for Courtney – June 13th, 2012 – Let’s show our support

This courageous woman is doing all she can in her race against time to battle Cancer, we can help.

Although we cater to our local neighborhood’s and communities, this was forwarded to us from a friend and we couldn’t stand by and not do our best to help Courtney.  Please pass along this link and we hope that we all can play a role in helping Courtney get the medical attention she needs and in time.

Courtney Render Urgently Needs Your Support
Courtney’s struggle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma began in November of 2009. Since then, Courtney and her family have been fighting this battle with everything they have.

Courtney is a courageous, vibrant, and compassionate 22 year old university student. Since being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Courtney has faced and continues to face an unimaginable life-sustaining struggle.

Two cycles of chemotherapy, four weeks of radiation, an Autologous stem-cell transplant, and a trial drug in Detroit have sustained Courtney’s life. But these treatments have not cured Courtney. Bendamustine, the current drug being administered at a private Toronto clinic will not be the cure. The last dosage of this drug occurs in late May, as Courtney reaches the maximum allowable number of dosages.

Time is Critical
Following the May 23 treatment there is a small window within which to treat Courtney.
An Allogeneic stem-cell transplant is required without delay and will be performed in the United States.
The Medical Procedure Alone will Cost $600,000
The Allogeneic stem-cell procedure entails a donor (Sister to Sister or Mother to Daughter) following which Courtney must remain close to the medical centre and be monitored for four months.
With Your Help We Can Raise the Money to Save Courtney’s Life!
The family is reaching out to the Community for financial assistance.
We desperately need your help!

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