The Danforth

The Danforth is one of Toronto’s most vibrant and cosmopolitan neighbourhoods, and offers more eco-spots than most areas. Do you think it’s because their community demands it, or do people move to this vibrant area to be able to walk and bike to green-minded shops and restaurants with a commitment to local and organics and conscious services? In any case, the Danforth is worth your visits, and is easily accessed by bike, public transportation, or car with plenty of parking. There are so many more spots to explore than I’ve mentioned below, including, numerous farmers’ markets, car sharing services and, of course, an impressive amount of fitness and yoga studios.

For happy feet



Trove’s 3rd hip, Toronto boutique opened on the Danforth and, like their other locations, support many local, small fashion designers, and accessories. In a time where we should all be treading as lightly on the planet as possible, they make it a little easier by carrying a wide range of El Naturalista footwear for every season – shoes, sandals and boots made responsibly with health and style in mind.  The Annex | Bloor West Village | The Danforth

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For your health


Ottway offers a unique natural remedy shopping experience as their staff consists of European Trained Medical Doctors, with expertise in Homeopathy, Naturopathic, Sports Nutrition, Herbalists, and other disciplines, and they do not charge for consultation. Ottway prides themselves on being one of the oldest vitamin and supplement stores in Canada, how’s that for longevity?

For a pause


Whether you want to meet family or friends for afternoon tea, steep a cup post-meal to aid digestion, or just need a little mindful pause for you day, Tsaa Tea Shop is the little spot for you. And, what goes with tea better than a cookie or a brownie? They have those too, including vegan and gluten-free selections.

The Big Carrot | For your nourishment


Since you’ll want to shop all day for Non-GMO Certified groceries, cosmetics, cookbooks, raw snacks, kitchen appliances, and more, you’ll be pleased to know you can grab a meal from their vegetarian cafeteria or get fuelled up at their organic juice and smoothie bar. This indie store carries the selection of a “super” market, but has strict standards about what’s on shelf, and they support farmers before the food terminal. Ask questions about anything they carry, and their incredible staff will actually know, or get you the answer!

For your reducing and refusing


Although it’s certainly not all eco-happy (you always have to be a discerning shopper to make good choices!), IQ Living’s 3,500sq ft showroom has a truly impressive selection of on-the-go reusable food and drink containers, making it the perfect stop for back to school and work lunches. Don’t forget to grab other kitchen essentials, so you can get busy in the kitchen non-stick and plastic-free – making your own food is the cornerstone to everything!

For your healing


Inspired Life Health Centre exists to bring us greater health through education, acupuncture, registered massage therapy, reiki, and other blissful and healing services – we really owe it to ourselves to take advantage as often as we can. Their specialized team can help you in so many ways, from quitting smoking, to conceiving, and can even teach you infant massage. And, if you’ve never tried infrared sauna, this is a great place to get hooked on this healthy, healing, detoxing, soothing habit.


Lisa Borden, owner of Borden Communications, takes a unique approach to holistically marketing eco-intelligent living and working. Some of her favourite titles (from a long list) include: Strategist + Catalyst, Enthusiastic Philanthropist, Inspiration Agent, Mother of 3 and Wannabe Organic Farmer.

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