The Great GLUTEN FREE Pizza Roundup: YYZ edition with Rachel Bies

I’ve been gluten-free for about 9 years, give or take, and when I first made the switch, there weren’t a ton of choices — or at least choices that taste good and are gf. In gf pizza places, we look for authentic crust (not cardboard), fresh and whole food ingredients and toppings, a killer sauce and a fun environment. THIS WOULDN’T be a complete list without mention of PIZZERIA LIBRETTO, Toronto’s most beloved and delicious pizza joint. With locations in the east and west ends of the city and in central Toronto, you’re probably living in a cave (or pizza oven) if you haven’t been to one of their 4 hot spots (and 1 takeout locale). I brought my pizza-loving and eating equal, Michelle Jobin, to share in this little culinary treat.  Our old pal Rocco rocked it out of the park! By using rice and buckwheat flours, he has developed a crust that you can barely tell is gf. And the best part is not feeling left out or saddened by watching others eat the delicious, gluten version. First up was their special of the day “pizza alla vodka.” Think of a pizza version of the pasta dish done with fior di latte and crispy prosciutto. Second was their duck confit pizza (on menu) that includes roasted pears to perfectly balance the sweet with the savoury. Currently this one is only available at the King Street location. Locations: 155 University Avenue, 550 Danforth Avenue, 545 King St. West, 221 Ossington Ave. Visit
Next up is TRUE TRUE PIZZA. They recently opened their second location on Queen West and boy, we couldn’t be happier. True True built their business on two truths: quality and integrity of ingredients (the first TRUE) and being true to yourself by eating real food (TRUE number two). True True has a full menu that also offers amazing salad and grain bowls and beverages by local pal Ace Hill Beer. Takeaway is always an option. Their crust is perfectly thin and crispy, We went for the truffle mushroom version (and added bacon) as well as the classic margherita (our pizza test) — we died of joy. If you wanna spice up your life, use their homemade chili oil. Locations:  169 King St. East and 456 Queen Street West Visit
Last but not least, our friends at QMP – QUEEN MARGHERITA PIZZA! These pizza veterans also have several locations on Queen East, at Dundas West and at Baby Point. These guys offer a great prix fixe during dinner so we started with a delightful caprese salad to warm us up. Again, gal pal Michelle was there and we chose The Dominator (no fear), which includes fennel sausage, rapini (greens) and smoked mozzarella. Their crust is the doughiest and fluffiest of the three — more of a northern Italian vibe. Let’s just say we had to walk home because we ate so much! Locations:  1402 Queen Street East, 785 Annette Street and 772 Dundas Street West Visit
Takeout/Delivery Honourable Mentions:  Magic Oven, Famoso and Pizza Nova (believe it or not).
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