The Importance of Postpartum Planning #douladiaries with Guest Doula Nicole Stone

Doula say what?!

Does having a baby hurt? What’s a placenta? What’s afterbirth? How long will labour take?

These are all hard questions to field. Everybody is different, but that’s what makes my job so exciting! We know it’s called labour for a reason — it’s hard work and takes a great deal of mental preparation. In addition to the baby, you’ll also have to birth the placenta. You will be left with a wound that’s bigger than your hand and bleeding that lasts several days. Think about all this when you are recovering and try to allow yourself to relax as much as you can. “Netflix and chill” can take on a whole new meaning with a new baby snuggled against your chest. Allow your friends and family, or postpartum Doula, to help you find the time to rest and heal. Finding the time to rest can be more difficult with a second or third child, so make sure you have a plan that allows you to obtain some blissful rest in the days, weeks, and months following birth. And most importantly — be kind to your body — you just did an incredibly amazing thing!

I was recently attending a birth with a couple that had a very extensive labouring plan. They wanted an un-medicated birth and were committed to being prepared to cope with the waves of labour. We had spent so much time working through labour scenarios, that we didn’t put a lot of focus on after-care. This Mom was a really busy person and enjoyed her busy life, but her body did not appreciate the lack of rest so her bleeding lasted for a lot longer than necessary. Although I tried to stress the importance of rest, it was difficult to plan for it after the fact. My advice is to plan your postpartum care just like your labour — have a strategy that allows for rest and healing … and then enjoy the snuggles and the new meaning of “Netflix and chill.”

NICOLE STONE is a certified Birth Doula who owns her own practice servicing all of the Toronto Area. Visit Toronto Doula at

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