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Join our Eco-Seeker, Lisa Borden, as she embarks on an eco mission to The Junction in search of the neighbourhood’s best Valentine findings

There’s no better turn on than great chocolate, sustainable spirits, organic superfoods, ethical eats and thoughtful lingerie. When you celebrate your love with kindness and compassion, you are really able to show your significant other, your friends and family truly how much you love them. Although it might take a few extra minutes to source a better version of what you are used to buying, think of it as your challenge to do better, and show your commitment to yourself, to those you care about most, and to our shared world. The Junction is a blossoming eco area in Toronto, and in the warmer seasons, is host to a great weekend farmers’ market. Go and get your eco on here, and in your own Toronto neighbourhood as well – it’s a whole new way of being intimate.

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Before you pour your favourite drink, and toast your sweetie, make sure you are going to be filling your glass with something conscious. Many LCBOs in the city, including the one in the Junction, carry organic beer in glass bottles from Mill Street Brewery, Southbrook Biodynamic and Organic wines in recycled glass bottles, and Organic Prairie Vodkas – just ask for clean spirits in the Vintages section, and we’ll all get more on shelf to cheer over. What you drink has an impact, just like our food choices do. Toasting to good health, and pure love without pesticides, makes the sentiments much more wholesome!
Find them at the LCBO 2290 Dundas Street West. Check online to for availability.
There’s nothing more indulgent than something freshly baked with real, unprocessed ingredients. When love and care goes into the oven, you can taste the goodness in every bite! Share a meaningful dessert with those you love from Bunner’s, voted BEST bakery in Toronto, a few times already. This bakery is 100% vegan and gluten-free, and very allergy friendly. I highly recommend their butter tarts and cinnamon buns, although
everything is delicious. When your loved ones ask, “What is this made of?” you’ll be able to reply, “Only the best, because you are.” Sweet, right?
Indulge in them at Bunner’s Bakeshop  3054 Dundas Street West  (647) 352-2975
The Sweet Potato is the perfect combination of a fine food store, an organic market, and a discount store. This indie store happens to stock plenty of natural aphrodisiacs, and, although not marketed as such, are actually foods that stimulate your body in all the right places. Some great choices include organic ginger and basil, fair trade bananas, chocolate (also known as the “love chemical”). Try local raw chocolate favourites, Live On Chocolate and Giddy Yoyo, plus sweet and sticky Wedderspoon Manuka Honey, and Navita’s Naturals Maca Powder. Fill up that reusable bag, and get it on, starting in the kitchen.
Discover them at The Sweet Potato 2995 Dundas St W (at Keele), 416-762-4848
Share a big red or green juice, or go half-sies on a big organic sandwich at The Beet Organic Café. This quaint restaurant and mini-market has an extensive allergy-friendly, eco-healthy menu catering to carnivores and vegans alike – it’s really a match made in heaven for those out to share some time and real food together. Make sure you try a bottle of Tonica, an effervescent, tea-based beverage, made right here in Toronto. It’s bubbly and perfect to make a toast over!
Enjoy it at The Beet Organic Café 2945 Dundas St. W., 416-916-2368
Learn how to reduce everyday stress and anxiety with your partner, or on your own so that you can connect with your loved ones with a clearer mind, and a healthier body. This incredible studio even offers Karma Yoga, who doesn’t need a little (or a lot) of that?  Before you do downward dog with your partner, you can grab an eco-natural Manduka mat in their boutique area. Also be sure to stop by their studio and slip into some eco fashion from Om Girl and always be soft to the touch, even fully dressed. Their clothing is made from organic cotton velour, stretchy and breathable organic cotton/Lycra, silky modal, cozy fleece and the softest terry.
Claim it at Breathe Yoga Studio 2968 Dundas Street West, 3rd Floor


Lisa Borden, owner of Borden Communications, takes a unique approach to holistically marketing eco-intelligent living and working. Some of her favourite titles (from a long list) include: Strategist + Catalyst, Enthusiastic Philanthropist, Inspiration Agent, Mother of 3 and Wannabe Organic Farmer.

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