The Magic of Rainbow Tape by Felicia Taub | #FitnessFriday – #FitWithFelicia

Have you ever been injured? One of the worst things that happen when we exercise is an injury. Injuries are common and hopefully they remain minor. My advice is as soon as you hear or feel something pop or crack, even a snap it’s time to stop. I know how crazy that sounds but most people work through injuries in complete denial and make something minor turn into a major injury. I am “GUILTY”!!!!! I have once worked through an injury, then had it misdiagnosed, finally getting the correct diagnosis and 8 weeks of full recovery and rest. Seriously… this cheerleader or crack was ready to climb the walls. I have some minor aches and pains, common strains from over use but nothing serious. I want to share what I use to help me recover a lot faster and prevent me from making something minor into a total climb the walls rest catastrophe. Meet my best friend KT Tape. This is a recovery tape to use on juries that help give the area on your body more support and can help speed up your recovery. From hamstring strains, shoulder, back, knee and elbow regions this rainbow magic tape can really assist you. KT Tape offers a full tutorial on how to apply and use the tape, very east to understand instructions and YES you can matchy match your tape to your outfits!!! Sorry that rocks for me. You can pick up KT Tape at your local drug store or go online and visit KTTape Keeping it safe and colorful… know your body and when to give it rest and recovery. — Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 10.46.40 AM Felicia Taub Master Trainer and Educator for Beachbody, Professional Personal Trainer, Fit Life Coach and Co founder of Taub Fitness is a 15 year fitness veteran. She’s a busy mom of three boys and has made it her life passion to educate, motivate and teach others to live a fit, happy and healthy lifestyle. @feliciataub IG: Feliciataub

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